Post-Rhinebeck hangover

G'day all!

Well I reckon I've got the hangover good and proper now. It's always the way - you look forward to something for ages, it hits like a runaway train and then is gone, and afterwards you keep thinking, dang, wish I'd bought that or blast, why didn't I talk to so and so, or crikey someone I've wanted to meet for AGES was there and I didn't see them! It would be nice if I was the sort of person people want to meet but whatever. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Alternatively, I'd be a very rich person. But even if I was rich, I still only have two hands with which to spin or knit or dye. Much as I want to, I can only do whatever my two hands can do, and having LOTS of EVERYTHING is fairly pointless. Anyway, I'd prefer to have the good regard of my fellow humans (bloggers) than have lots of money. I'd like to be the sort of person that people want to meet or even just someone who can reply to comments and who gets a lot of comments on their blog. Funny, eh? I don't want to be famous though, just someone who blogs well enough to be inspiring.

So here is my yarn haul from Rhinebeck:

LOL - actually, maybe a ROFLMAO is in order here. Two skeins from Green Mountain Spinnery, one of their wool/?tencel sock blend and the other umm of a 50:50 wool tencel blend in a DK weight, Sylvan Spirit. The sock yarn has already gone to a new home - yellow is so not me but others appreciate it :-) The Blue Opal? Hmm, well I am sure to think of something.

I am not sure if the locals here will believe that I came home with so little yarn, but I can buy yarn here. Getting fibre is a very different kettle of fish...

(Fibre haul)

From the Sheep Shed at Mountainview Farm:
mmm, falkland and merino/tencel

A lovely lovely batt of merino/angora from Delly's Delights Farm:
(bought just after I bought an almost identical colourway in a blended batt of romney)

From Cloverleaf Farms:

And that my friends is it! Stay tuned for more fibre frolics when I bore you witless with fleece p0rn!



  1. Great purchases!

  2. Thanks for the yarn (-: Me lurvs yeller!

  3. Gorgeous :) You lucky duck!

  4. I certainly love your blues and greens!


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