Mental note to self #453

G'day all!

I survived RHinebeck! I saw so many bloggers and all sorts of other lovely people :-P Lovely area, and I am Proud To Be A Treepeeper!


Mental note to self - take LARGER suitcase.

Mental note addendum - ring JetBlue tomorrow (later today, now) and whinge about the missing castor on my suitcase, the too small suitcase (which is the largest suitcase with a functioning zipper but alas now not usable as a wheely suitcase). If they had to knock a wheel off it, why couldn't they knock the bung one off, rather than leaving me with two functioning wheels (on diagonal corners) and one that doesn't work? Had to take a $40 taxi ride. Dangit. Why can't my luggage have feet and follow me around like a puppy (preferably not like Nutmeg, our cat, who doesn't follow, she just so happens to appear about five minutes after you go someplace around the house or yard. Five minutes later would be very annoying cos it would miss the train, etc)?

(OK, I would've prolly taken the taxi anyway cos dragging two recalcitrant wheeled luggages was difficult in NYC but losing a wheel was the final straw.)

Back soon with pics and stuff. NY is three hours ahead of here and I am not sure if it is midnight or three am, either way I must to bed!



  1. Glad to see you made it home safely. It was really great meeting you in person finally this weekend. Thank you for the Aussie presents for the family. Kat is still wrapped up in that picture book on Melbourne.

  2. Sounds wonderful - looking forward to seeing what you brought back!!


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