Mental note to self #564

G'day all!

I thought the day was improving a little, not so sure now! I give you a transcript of my recent experience after eating lunch:

me: stunningly horrible discovery.
me: Rice chips are horrid when yoy brush your teeth after them.
dh: ok
dh: I'll avoid that then
me: the rice and the mint combine to create a smell that is very very reminiscent of mouse pee in wood shavings...
dh: rotfl
me: (I'm guessing the taste would be similar too but I haven't tried mouse pee on wood shavings...)
me: (this may or may not surprise you)
dh: it doesn't, actually

So I must remember not to combine the two cos really? FOUL!

(Thanks, Anne, for the tip on the downpipe. Alas I cannot reach it unless I climb out the window into the fenced off access way. The bottom of the window is at least 6 feet off the ground - I may never be seen again if I go out there.)

Here's a little eye candy for you. Hope you like flowers!

Or maybe you like your plants all trussed up, in which case you will love the Lone Cypress:
It has more wires holding it up than an elderly sopranos corset!



  1. downspout tip #2 - call maintenance and complain. Ask them to fix it. (How do you think I found out about the solution?!)


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