G'day again all!

I've gotta get rid of some links. None of them are fibre links, so totally OT

If this doesn't worry you, nothing will. Just hold still whilst we get some x-rays of your hands as you rip the tape off the roll.... Wonder if sales of sticky tape will drop now?

Two stories on photo - voltaics. Remember how plastic is non-conductive? Well that second story makes one think again.

The most bizarre (and teensy) walking house.

Could helmet hair drive climate change? Would helmet hair stop you from cycling?

I've washed a whole bunch o fleece now and is it luscious! I would roll around in it if it was dry. I feel like I've Made Progress on it, except I have a whole bunch more to go, like at least another 10 lb.. Now only if the UPS man would show up with my box... Speak of the devil, he just did! Is it sexist to say UPS man given that I've never seen a female UPS delivery person?) Now I can find out what is in the box! LOL



  1. ooh...I want to see what you got! Anything that falls on the floor is mine (-:

  2. hope the ups man delivers the fleecy goodness soon. btw, I've seen female ups delivery folk in this neck of the woods. I pass by a chick just about every night on the way home


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