G'day all!

I have a feeling I've had better days - Nathan's cold transferred itself to my sinuses overnight (I have this picture of cold goober virions all carrying pillows and sleeping bags marching out DH's nose, across the pillows and up my nose). Nooooooo! I've been so good to them recently and they go and get all snotty on me, literally. It is really annoying cos we have hired a car for the weekend and the altitude changes, well, it is like going up in a plane. No fun!

Plus tonight my lovely kitchen knife decided that cutting up cauliflower was not fulfilling enough and neatly skewered the pad of my right index finger! It extracted its tithe of blood I can say!

NOOOOOO! Not my main drafting finger! Not my main mouse finger! Not the finger that deals with 7 or so keys on the keyboard. Not the finger that does the yarn throwing! Not the finger that steadies the knife I use at dinner time!

It does throb a bit. Nice clean wound all taped up now with a big gob of betadine (iodine) on it. I hope it heals nice and fast cos I need that finger! Dangit! It is giving me a feeling of deja vu - I cut the side of the tip of my little finger last year and damaged the nerves so much that it is still pretty much numb there. This is a nice skewery wound so it should heal better I hope... Plus I am left handed, which helps some.

Hope your day is/was better! :-)



  1. Ouch! Sorry about the finger! I managed to slice my middle finger up so badly years ago that it took three stitches and I've never gotten the feeling back. Had to give up knitting for quite a while, as well as counted cross stitch as that was the finger underneath the angled the needle back up. Hope yours heels fast and without any lasting effects!

  2. OOOh ouch,I think that everytime I have a near miss at work,the thought of not being able to use my fingers/hands,dont go there.....

  3. Ouchy! I hope your finger heals quick! It's always such a pain when it's such a useful finger!

  4. Ouch, ouch ; why is always the finger you need that gets hurt ? Hope its better now

  5. Hope it's better now!


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