Still kicking

G'day all!

Feeling a bit better today. Not perfect mind but better.

I was having a think about why I crave certain things when I have a gut wobble. Potassium I reckon is the key. I want foods with potassium in them, so I want orange juice and chippies (preferably oven fries but crisps will do in a pinch). Now everything I've read says that I should not have anything fatty or sugary, yet what do I head straight for? Fatty or sugary. Interesting, isn't it.

So I thought I should show you a few of the things I've been up to recently in the way of knitting and spinning.

Washcloths. Three out of the five I've made (of the other two, one is in hard use in the bathroom, another is wandering in a pile of clean washing somewhere and will reappear when the moon is in the right sign, etc, etc). I am really enjoying making these. They are quick and easy and quite brainless. Don't ask me which pattern I am using - I just looked at some pics of other peoples' washcloths and made it up as I went along.

Socks. Socks in red and blue. Socks in red and blue for my footy team, even if they suck big time this year. I am glad they suck cos if they reached the Grand Final this year and won, I would cry. They've not won a Grand Final in all my *mumble* years on this planet.

Apparently my socks are fabulous and people would buy them if I put them into a local arts and crafts show at the end of the year. That is what a new friend (who wants to be our Colorado mum) says. I am sorta dubious. Comments/thoughts anyone?

Hand spun yarns. Lots of them.


Merino and merino silk blends. I thought it would look great, very spring like, if I combined the green/orange top with the green and the orange silk blend. Uh-uh.

So I chucked it in the microwave with some red food colouring and looky now!

Much happier with it. Very autumnal, not my colours but very nice nonetheless.

Wool/soy silk plied with corriedale, dyed with green and yellow food colouring.

Yarn from a domestic, fairly local fleece I was given by a friend. I call it the red pube fleece for obvious reasons:

It has long gingery hairs in it - presumably it is part Shetland or something. Anyway, they comb out ok in the main. Some parts of the fleece are quite soft, some are harsher. The discard bag is a lot bigger than the combings to use bag but hey it was free and I am not complaining! It is good to take a mucky fleece (it has big lumps of scurf in it too) and turn it into passable yarn.

Some of the orangey/pumpkiny tops I spun up for DH.

For whatever reason, I am stuck at making a sportweight yarn at present - most annoying. I could make socks except the tops are not superwash and whilst I am happy to handwash my own socks, DH just grabs his and chucks them in the machine. I don't want to find teensy tiny little christmas stockings coming out of the wash one day....

To break the sportweight problem, I spun up the brown and pink rovings I bought a couple of weeks ago. These are a chunkyweight single. Very softly spun. Noice!

Then after I thought I had finished with that lot of rovings, I discovered that I had a whole heap more in a bag hiding under the coffee table. Ooops!

So that brings you fairly up to date! I have not been knitting lots recently - been hot and busy. Spinning though seems to be fine in hot weather. Odd eh?



  1. does your new friend who thinks you should sell your socks also knit herself? does she understand the large time investment it takes to make a single pair? the cost of the materials? i find that most people who say "oh you should sell fill-in-the-blank at this-place" also think you should sell whatever it is at a price that would pay you less than someone who works in a sweatshop makes.

    if the person is a knitter, and does understand the time and investment, then maybe you should think about it. but make sure the local arts and craft fair isn't really a glorified flea market, which happens a lot to people new to the crafting for money scene.

  2. Glad youy are feeling better. I carve potato srisps as opposed to chips. And flat lemonade. Who knew??? I think you might have a Mason-Dixon in there amongst the dishcloths!! The spinning and dyeing is looking fine!!

  3. Yay! You're alive! Glad you're on the mend. And all those wonderful things to show too! I really love those washcloths, they're simple, but they're interesting.

  4. Sorry you have been poorly. Interseting fact re potassium. I have Crohns Dideases ( a gut/bowel illness) and when I am ill I am always low on potassium plus folic acid. I too crave sweet & fatty things although I am not sure they are good for my ailment. I have cut a lot of sugary things out of my diet recently and I think things are better. Guess thats why they are caled forbidden fruit ;(
    Great spinning going on there , I'm with you on the 'can't spin nothing else but...'scenario nut mine is lace weight!!
    Re making and selling socks I too have been asked if I would do this but I am dubious you will make any money out of it .Its way too time consuming, especially if its handspun; you would NEVER get the basic hourly wage even

  5. Gawd I must check for typo errors before I post !! sorry hope you understand the garb :)

  6. I've had people say I should sell my socks before but I would never want to do that!


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