An FO! THe Husbandly Sweater

G'day all!

I proudly give you,

The Husbandly Sweater!

Started 18th August.

Finished 26th August (at 11:25pm!) (unless you insist on it being washed and blocked)

Yarn - two strands of DK held together (hence the dithering in the intermediate areas). Yarn was bought at the Sandown Scroatfight (Melbourne, Oz) for 99c a ball. I think I used 8 50g/92m balls of each colour.

Pattern: the top down raglan calculator found here. This is a great calculator but it does not generate a fitted sweater (I made a close-fitted top a couple of years ago and had to fiddle the numbers quite a bit). For DH, I needed to cast on more stitches for the back and fewer for the front - he is a computer geek and has pretty poor posture. But I didn't.

He is happy with the result and it looks pretty good on him, a bit baggy around the chest front but overall I am quite pleased with this. I knitted it in just over a week, which shows how fast I can knit if I want/need to.

Is this my first proper FO for the year? Y'know it might well be - I think I only have a couple of socks, scarves and a hat or two done before now!



  1. Hooray for the fastest sweater ever! Looks mighty fine on too!

  2. Wow - speedy! It looks great, too.

  3. It might be the first proper FO but oh what a FO! It's fabulous.

  4. Congratulations! Amazing that you knit it so fast too!

  5. And proud you should be! Lynne!! That sweater is wonderful! I love the colors and especially how they blend into one another. Congratulations.

  6. Most excellent and fast jumper with stunning Catalogue style modelling!! I really like the way the colours intermingle and then change!!!

  7. What a gorgeous sweater - or "jumper", as we'd say!
    The colours are great, and the colour pooling in the 'dithering' looks like a really complicated fair-isle pattern from a distance, especially between the yellow/blue.

    As a Melbournite, I was puzzled by the "Sandown Scroatfight" reference - is there a fabulous discount yarn shop I don't know about? (unlikely, but ...)

    And the hats, scarfs etc, ARE 'proper' FOs - believe me, when that's all I've been able to finish, they all count!

  8. Lovely jumper :)


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