G'day all!

Our Stuff arrived today! Hooray I have a ballwinder and skeinholder and lazy kate again!

I'm totally underwhelmed by the packing of our Stuff. It was all just dumped into boxes, including the loose mugs/cups and crockery. Crikey! I sorta assumed that fragile stuff would be packed nicely but nope, it was packed exactly as we had put it into boxes and bags to make it easily moveable from our place to Nathan's parents. Plus they put a bag of books on top of Nathan's Akubra hat. It now looks like an elephant sat on it. Amazingly, everything seems to be in the requisite number of pieces, if occasionally a little flattened.

On a different note, DH is going to be away for the last week(days) of August. Anyone local want to help entertain me? I'm going to be here on my lonesome with only a bike as my means of conveying myself places. I hear there is an SnB on Monday evenings, a Lambspun thing on Tuesday evenings, anything else? Knitting and spinning for a week is very nice but I will get rather lonely.

Guess I should go unpack some Stuff but that means climbing up and down the stairs, and currently my thighs don't like the Stairs of Steepness. I am much better than I was but I am still pretty whacked from that gut bug. Maybe I should go buy some groceries instead, like chippies (oven fries) and chicken oven thingies now that our oven trays have arrived (yes, I put them in the cargo - we have some very good oven trays and cake tins so I figured they should come with us) and milk for DH and soyghourt for me! But that means effort too. However, the payoff is great int hat I get to eat nice stuff!



  1. I'm glad your stuff arrived and wasn't utterly destroyed... You have gotten a lot of knitting and spinning done.

  2. It sounds like your things from home arrived well! I wish I lived out there because I would totally be keeping you company!

  3. i second erin's thoughts...if you lived closer i could invite you to a friday night secret (shh lol) knitters club...i wish teleporters were already invented...sheesh!

  4. Great to hear your feeling better,also great your stuff as arrived,Id be buggered if I didnt have my ball winder.....

  5. Stuuuuuuuffff! Yeah! Glad you're on the mend. Thank you for the well wishes :) Home today and getting sorted.

  6. I know it must be good to have your own stuff now. I'm glad it all arrived in one piece. Looks like you've been doing a lot of spinning. Nice looking yarn!

  7. Glad it all arrived ok. I can't believe they didn't pack it properly though - what a rip off!


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