Yarn Pr0n - a present!

G'day all!

Lookie what arrived the other day! A prezzie for me :-)

One of my good English buddies promised me a certain sort of yarn. But I got more than that! Thanks, Dreamcatcher!

Of course you want close ups of the yarn. Here you go!

Lovely, eh? The one with white in it is from the Yarn Yard and the pink/blue/mauve one is Posh Emily in Jolly. Oh boy, I just can't wait to find a good project for these - any suggestions?

Plus I bought a little something from Fearless Fibers:

Getting accurate representations of these purply colours is almost impossible. That one is called Midnight Passion and oh boy is it a luscious 4 ounces/550 yards of purply goodness! (BTW, for any of my Aussie mates, if you want something off one of these etsy places or some place on the web that only ships within the USA, you know who to ask! You can use my address and pay me back the postage to Oz via paypal. Email me if you want my address.)

You wanna see some recent knitting?

Well I am only five weeks behind on the mystery stole 3:

that is clue one finished and clue two just started!

And I am on the final repeat of the shawl I am making. It is a simple rectangle with diamond lace. I am using different placements and types of decreases along the way.

See how the central decrease causes a bump in the diamond, whilst a decrease on each side of the diamond leaves the knitting flat? That fascinated me when I discovered it. And the colour? Impossible to get a good shot with our camera - it is actually a burgundy colour.

Guess I should be putting stuff up on Ravelry, shouldn't I? Prolly means using Flickr for my blog pics too. Why put them on the webhost and on Flickr?

But for now I think I am going to find someplace cool, if I can. It is still warm here, 34 C. Back 'ome it is 3 C - early morning and obviously a very clear night. It is hard for me to believe that in three months it will be cold and dark, and in a way it terrifies me. I am so not a cold weather person, though I am starting to think maybe this hot weather is a bit much too!



  1. Good to see you're back to buying goodies. I tried commenting on your other blog, but it wouldn't let me. There was clearly a big difference in setting off in hot weather (and the appropriate clothing) and ending up in an area with permafrost (with inappropriate clothing)! The area looked fabulous though.

    Good idea to have a visual of the different decreases and their effects, too. Great colours as usual.

  2. my favorite image of the day yarn blog browsing: the one of your mystery stole, using right hand, left hand and right foot to hold down the beginnings of your mystery stole #3 - I laughed out loud and caught myself smiling - I'm not sure what it was that made me laugh; I think it's just the fact that I can relate to trying to photograph something and needing just one more hand....

    thanks for the smile - you're doing great on your mystery stole... I might try to join #4 when (if) it happens! :)

  3. Great yarns and all lovely colours too.You will love the Posh Yarn one , we are all the same ,wanting what we can't have locally LOL
    Sounds WAY too hot for me there but then its hardly a warm summer here this year!!
    I joined MS3 but then never started :( maybe I'll get down to it one day !!
    Great to see you on Ravelry ; its like one big family gathering isn't it ?

  4. Beautiful stash enhancement and shawl! :)


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