Bearly there

G'day all!

I've been a busy little (big) bee recently. Until today that is. Today things are stopping a bit due to DH's generosity with the cold he picked up (though I did wash some fleece, do two loads of washing, start hemming some material to cover our disgusting old but free desk with, finish ripping a sweater, start tidying up some in earnest... umm other stuff too....)

So here's something I made up to go in the Lambspun teddy bear auction later this year.

He is all knitted with that double knitting technique (knit one, yarn in front, slip as if to purl, yarn in back, knit one, etc etc), except for the head. And the gut where there are two knits for each slip on the front only. Yep, if they were only going to supply me with green and gold yarn (being Australian colours - green for the gums and yellow for the wattle), my bear had to have a beer gut. It isn't part of the pattern but teddies are supposed to be well rounded *unlike one of the poor skinny things I saw in the box at Lambspun - poor starved teddy! He is definitely a he because he has a flat, shapeless bottom unlike a woman's butt. He is a nice big handful and is about 25cm long. Hope some kid likes him.

I feel he is a bit ugly but hey he is the first bear I've knitted and he does have character.

Hmm, what else? Ah, do you think I like certain colour combinations?

(left - a 50c hand towel bought at the thrift shop, middle - my spiral jacket, right - an almost new jumper bought for $2 at the thrift shop) I just so happened to plonk them down next to each other and was rather struck by the repetition of the colours....

Oh boy, you should see the tea pot I bought myself the other day. $3 at the op shop. It is one of those sets where the cup sits under the pot. It is waaaaay silly/funky/cutesy/wrong. Unfortunately I forgot to get a pic of it. You'll have to wait until later. I can tell you are all hanging on the edges of your seats :-D



  1. Does your bear have a name?? He certainly is a character.
    Yes, I can see a colour theme happening!!!

  2. Very cute bear. I've made stuffed animals using that technique. It's pretty cool when it turns out!

  3. aww i don't think he is ugly...he is cute and does have personality.

  4. I don't think he's ugly at all . I think he is very cute

  5. He's not ugly! He's quite cute reallY!


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