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G'day all!

DH is off at a conference in Winnipeg and this mouse has been playing!

On Monday night I rode across town to the local SnB. Had a lovely time chatting to people, including Kristi and Deb Robson. Heh. Deb recognised me but I didn't recognise her! How embarrassing. LOL and another SnBer, Amanda, recognised me too. That is sorta odd. I am really somewhat of a nobody in the blogging world. My knitting output is sporadic and the technical level of it tends to be low mainly cos I knit to have something in my hands rather than to have to think constantly. That is probably why my progress on the mystery stole has been so slow - I have to think about every single line, so it needs some concentration. Repetitive patterns are good - I stop having to think about them all the time. I'll have something with a repetitive pattern finished soon for your enjoyment.

Yesterday I washed a heap of fleece (but it was less than half of the fleece! Ack! But I've taken the best bits to wash and the rest can sit in the garage whilst I decide what to do with it). It was brightly sunny in the morning and of course by the time I had washed all the fleece, the afternoon thunderstorm had rolled over and it started to rain. However, we have wide overhangs on our place so I just left it on the racks outside. Today it is nearly dry. Just as well cos I have some Wendy Dennis Polwarth to wash and dry.

Ah, I must relate the ICKIEST thing that has happened to me in a loooong time.

I've been using a nasal wash to help clear out my sinuses. Yep, that is icky! But what is even ickier is yesterday I make up the saline solution and happily (??) apply it to one nostril. Things are going well.

Then I swished the bottle and applied it to the other nostril and suddenly there was an EARWIG IN THE BOTTLE! I am snorting EARWIG JUICE!

Argh! Ick, yuck yuck yuck! Like ergh, how do you clean that out? I'm just standing in the bathroom, squeaking in dismay. I ended up doing the painful thing of snorting plain water!

But I am still here today and as silly as usual so I guess no harm came of it. At least I didn't end up with the earwig up my nose!

I also went to the weekly gathering at My Sister Knits last night. That was pleasant. There were more people there than at the SnB. I showed the local sock guru the toe-up cast on that I use (the same one I showed OzKnitter). Now the MSK owner is interested in running a class. I don't think it would be a very long class, but if we added a guesseted toe-up heel class to it as well, it might be different! LOL. I will think about how that could be run - it would have to be a baby sock so that everyone could get it done, or a class run over a couple of weeks so that people could have a chance of knitting a real sock.

I've rearranged our lounge area a little. Nathan also got a harmonium/pedal organ/pump organ for his birthday. It is a lovely bit of furniture and we will restore it some so that he can play it too (the bellows have holes in them and need a bit of fixing!). No pics yet- DH has the camera. I moved it to a different place in the lounge area and set up chairs around it. I brought in a (secondhand) chair we bought, vacuumed it and put a sheet over it (sorta ruins the look of a wingback chair but covers up the remaining dog hair!). Now we both have wingback chairs to sit in, but my chair has a foot stool :-) So I sat with the reading light on me last night and knitted some never ending DK weight sock (and realised that I had 12 more stitches on one sock than the other! Ooops! That is a LOT with DK weight 8-} so to the frog pond it went!) and read some of "No Idle Hands: The Social History of American Knitting" by Anne Macdonald. It was very pleasant too!

Must get wriggling on. I have to go to the library to throw some books back and pick some up. The library is only a couple of miles away but without a car it becomes somewhat more of an expedition!



  1. SnB has always been relatively small, but we've lost three regulars this year. One may be back once the weather turns, but perhaps not. She disappeared not too long after starting a new job that has her traveling a fair bit on top of your outdoor sports. I can't speak for Deb, but Amanda recognized you because I had told them about you when you first found out you guys were coming this way. The accent kind of gives it away ;-)

  2. ewww! Earwigs totally creep me out and, I might add, make me scream like a little girl. We've had a lot of them here this year for some reason too.

    (spiders I can handle but earwigs? ::shudder::)

  3. Uggg! Your earwig story reminds me of what just happened to me. I poured myself some water in a cooler/thermus type cup (one I couldn't see into) and when I took a sip there was a bug in the glass that ended up in my mouth!!!! AHHHH!

  4. Eeew earwig juice! Sounds like you had a good time!


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