G'day all!

Today was a very interesting day. It has been stinking hot here recently, like well into the 30s/90s.

Today it reached maybe 22/70 something. It is now about 15C! Golly, how cold is that! We have not had temps like that for ages, even overnight! I had to put on long pants for only the third time since we got here exactly two months ago!

So today I decided to go out and look for a mobile phone. Americans call them cell phones. We can only get a prepaid plan cos we don't have a social security number nor a credit rating. I rode off to the other end of town ignoring the little spots of rain that were falling on me. What I couldn't see was the big black clouds looming behind me.

I trawled around, found Verizon. They seemed to have decent phones and plans (until I discovered that calling Oz would cost $1.49 a minute, which seems steep). I went to Home Depot and bought compact fluoros for our new lamps (and discovered that one of the lamps doesn't work properly, so I have to repackage it and swap it for a new one tomorrow). I went to a vacuum cleaner dealer and he suggested I buy the $1200 vacuum, to which I said it was a leetle out of our price range (heck we can buy a LOT of stuff for that and several dysons!).

Then it started raining on me as I rode home. The wind was in my face, the rain coming in almost straight at me and it was icky.

Then it started hailing in the rain. Hail really hurts when it whacks you on the nose. It stings elsewhere but noses and hail don't get along. It was my second experience this week with hail - our hire car got severely hailed on in Rocky Mountain National Park (no hail damage thank heavens but eeeek!).

Of course I thought the rain (and hail) had set in for the afternoon so I kept riding instead of seeking shelter. Naturally it stopped raining when I reached the next set of shops I wanted to go to. The sun came out! My front was soaked. People in shops would ask "How are you today?" and I would say "soggy" or "damp." They were rather surprised by my honesty. LOL

So what has this to do with knitting?

Well cos it was not very bright and sunny this afternoon, I still don't have pics of the mysterious birthday sweater. I only have three days, really only two days to finish the rest of the sweater, and I have the arms 2/3 done and the body a bit more than half done, I think. THank heavens for top down raglan sweaters with only a couple of ends to tie in!

Nor do I have better pics of the yarn that you can win in my blogiversary contest. It is very nice yarn - machine washable (but I use cool/cold water), soft and yummy, 75% (Merino?), 25% nylon, hard wearing, and one of my all time favourites to knit with.

Back to cell/mobile phone plans. Who are you with? Are they good? I'm guessing most of you don't call overseas, but for me it is important that it is fairly cheap. So far, AT&T (if $4 fee is paid), virginmobile and Cricket are winning on that price point. Verizon, Sprint and Tmobile lose on international calls.... Plus I will be on prepaid.




  1. I'm one of the few people who do not have a cell phone! I may have to break down and get one soon as it's becoming harder to be without one, but I haven't looked into the plans yet. I haven't ridden in hail, but I have ridden under oak trees in a breeze and been pelted with acorns which is probably a similar experience! Painful, and noisy with the acorns bouncing off the helmet!

  2. i have cricket. if you get cricket talk, from what i understand, you get a certain # of long distance minutes, plus you can put money in your "bucket" and roam if you need to.

    i use a calling card for my long distance, so i just have the basic plan plus caller ID. costs me less than $50 a month, and i can call as many local calls as i wish, plus unlimited incoming calls. works for me!

    (and i've had the actual phone for almost 4 years! they don't even make them any more lol!)

  3. Hope you found something!


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