G'day all!

Well I am so obviously not a organised freak of nature unlike so many on Ravelry. I am one of those who hates doing audits of stuff and knowing exactly what is there. I guess I am just not detail oriented.

eg I am trying to add bits of my stash onto Ravelry. This means having photos and knowing what the name of the yarn is and having all sorts of details about it that I have never bothered spreadsheeting. I just like having the yarn, not having all its details at my finger tips. I guess Ravelry will change that. As for my various handspun yarns, well, umm, I don't have details of that either. "It's wool and about DK weight and about 200m long." I will get a set of scales eventually so I can get weights but that hasn't happened yet. Plus there is all the stash back 'ome - I only brought a little of it with me (ok, about 10 kilos of yarn, not including fleece). I do have a list, but it is of the form "10 balls green wool, 2 balls yicky furry hot pink stuff, 5 balls brown handspun." I made a list up so that if I really really needed the yarn and could not live without it, I could send for it as I'd know which box it was in and could give our house sitters directions.

Remember our darling pudding tats?

Sods don't miss us at all!

The mystery birthday project is coming along well, not that it is a mystery to the recipient. I bought a slightly too short bamboo circular yesterday and gosh it makes it much easier to knit as the knitting just pushes itself around and around. I did have it on a loooooong Denise cable and it kept sticking. Details of the project when I have pics.



  1. I'm on Ravelry and started an inventory of my needles. (I'm SydneyH on Ravelry) I like that part because I can never remember what I have. I haven't even thought about an inventory of my yarn stash though. Well I think about it and then change my mind. One of these days...

  2. i refuse to put any of my stash on ravelry. i am afraid to know how much i actually have. and some of it is so old i don't think ravelry would recognize it (i have lots of donated yarn, lol)

    i have never used denises, and probably won't. i'm not a big fan of plastic needles (either the softer type, or the acrylic type, ick)

  3. I haven't attempted to put my stash onto The Ravelry because it means taking photos and getting it all out.. Look at those cats!! They are looking very happy and healthy and I am sure they miss you!!!

  4. I haven't put all of my stash on ravelry - it would probably blow up their server :) I like the needle organiser though and discovered I had loads of the same one.

  5. The kitties are adorable and look sooo relaxed!


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