Well that was fun!

G'day all!

This is a post of Too Much Information.

Today I trotted off to the doctor and had a little contraceptive device fitted.

Today I discovered what a vasovagal response is (the quick version is it is a form of shock where your blood pressure plummets and you go all wobbly and faint). Apparently my body didn't like something being inserted where nothing had been before....

The doctor congratulated me on having a moderately severe reaction. It took an hour before I started looking and feeling human again. The nurse and the doctor were in and out checking on me. They told me I was very brave,etc, and very sweaty.  I sweated so much I soaked a "bluey" (one of the blue backed disposable sheets).

At least I now know what is going on when I do that - I've had similar responses to other events  before.  Now I know to eat sugar and sip water.

I am hoping the device gives me no further issues. At least if it works, I only have to do this once every five years.... Cos I certainly don't want to feel like that too often!  I've still got slightly wobbly legs...

I think we now need a pretty picture to help us recover from the trauma..



  1. That sounds a nasty response. I hope you get a good rest tonight and feel much better tomorrow. Been there and done that with different causes. Take it easy.

    Written by one who used to faint regularly when much younger and who once memorably fainted in church on Christmas Day after too little sleep the night before and no breakfast combined with high heat.

  2. Remind me not to do that!! It is horrible when you are overcome like that, glad you have a five year interval. I fainted at my cousin's wedding, It was high Summer and humid and so very close in the church!!

  3. No it wasn't, fun that is. Been there done that, 4 more years until I do it again :-P Without the faints though. Poor you.


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