Wonderful weather for ducks

G'day all!

I am hanging on getting you some pics of my Bendi haul but umm, well we've had over 100mm of rain in two days, and you can guess what that means?

No pics!

I am not that sure that ducks would like the weather at the moment. It might be a little wet even for them!

So tonight I walked to the swimming pool. Or maybe I should say I swam to the swimming pool. It is about half an hour away, so a nice walk.

It was especially pleasant tonight. It was raining that hard that the water running down the gutters was making a noise like a creek bounding down a hill every time it hit the tyre of a parked car. And there are a lot of parked cars on the street outside. If I had shut my eyes, I would not have been able to tell that I was not by a creek.

Especially if I was standing in it, which I occasionally had to do to get across a road.

It was lovely. My own urban creek hurrying to the sea. Not that it had far to go - it's only a couple of hundred metres away. Make that creeks - they were running everywhere. Both sides of the road, along the footpaths, down the lanes. The stairs were a waterfall, the roads were awash... The footpaths around the park are not exactly flat and formed their own little lakes.

I did rather wonder whether I should just wear my bathers to the pool.

But on the way home! The heavens opened on us. I very much regretted bothering to get changed into street gear for the walk home. Everything was awash. The gutters were running so hard and wide with water that you had to give up trying to jump over them and either walked up the road or waded through. There was no hope of staying dry. The rain was even coming through my beautiful rainbow umbrella.

My shoes were so squelchy with water that it was starting to push back out through the ventilation holes as I walked.


Do you like my gradient dyed fleecy pants? Or could it be that the bottoms are so wet they are dripping...


I think that I will go and buy some gumboots from Target tomorrow, assuming they still have pretty ones in my size. I might only need them once a month (though three days of this week would've been handy!) but on those days they would be realy handy!


PS wish us less rain. It is getting a little tiresome - I am running out of warm dry clothes and will soon be layering shorts and tshirts trying to stay warm....


  1. Wow, that's really wet. We had rain like that a few months ago, but have had hardly any since. Still, everything is green. I love the sound of the creek where we walk, it's not the burbling of a brook at all!!
    Hope you don;t run out of clothes!!!


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