Coming to you live from Bendigo

G'day all!

I'm at the Australian Sheep and Wool show, in Bendigo, Victoria.

I've met up with a few people, within an hour of getting here had blown my budget, and now I'm waiting for the woolcraft fashion show to start...

Pics of stalls are from Moseley Park and Ixchelbunny. I rather like the Melbourne coral reef too.

For those of you who can't make it here, I hope you like the pics, and those who are coming over the weekend? Have a great time! I've left you some yarn and spinning stuff...



  1. Thank you for the gorgeous photos, so I can live vicariously through them!! Have a great time!!

  2. Cruel person,all that lovely soft stuff including Baa Baas and I cant get there!!!!!!!!!LOL Hope you re having fun!!

  3. I'm dribbling :)


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