Saturday, July 09, 2011

Hanging out by the pond

G'day all!

Just hanging out by the pond, beautiful day... Done heaps of family stuff, all weddinged out.  Walked on the beach, got sand between my toes, said hello to the Pacific Ocean again... For us it's been a lovely weekend ( though I am sure the groom's parents might disagree...  ).

Back to Sydney tonight, back to reality... Pic is sideways no matter what I do...



  1. It begs the question: So what's with the Groom's parents?

  2. Yes, I'm with Leonie, it is very bad of you to leave us hanging!! beautiful pond and I am glad to read you are both having a good time!!

  3. Nice photo... worth cranking my head sideways for!
    ; )

  4. In case you haven't found it yet - awesome Icelandic yarn and pattersn:


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