Hervey Bay recap

G'day all!

This is going to have to be pretty quick. Sorry!

We had an AHSUM (that is awesome for the rest of you!) weekend in Hervey Bay.

We caught up with family, we talked half the weekend,

we walked on

and off the beach,

we saw Nathan's cousin married to the love of his life,

we ate, some of us drank,

we relaxed by the pond by the site of the wedding...

Some madmen (and one woman) tried to beat the crap out of each other with sticks.

After all the fun of getting there (we were bumped off our flight because I didn't do web check in cos their security certificate was expired, and they had the end of school holidays, the closure of another airline that week, only one of three runways open the day before.... so BOOT! Off we went. We wouldn't be getting on a flight until late that afternoon. But I whined that we were meeting people and driving four hours north to Hervey Bay, and she checked something out, went to her boss, and came back with the offer to send us direct to Hervey Bay a whole 10 minutes later than our flight to Brisbane was going to leave, and we'd be there 4 hours earlier... and they would give us a credit for the cost of the flight to Brisbane.... EXCELLENT! Doods! We went from grumpy and worrying about missing the wedding to HOORAY! Thanks Virgin Australia!), we arrived so early that I got press-ganged into doing flower arrangements. I haven't done any for a loooong time. My cousin in law and her sister in law to be were working on the centrepieces, so I joined in.

Not bad for beginners, eh?

(now with added candle at the reception)

My co-arrangers had to leave to get ready for the hen's party. Nathan and I went off to get a decent outfit for him (cargo pants and a polo shirt with the world's most brightly coloured runners at a "formal" wedding? I think not!). When we got back, I found a model for making the flower baskets, so I set to on them.


I'm also pretty darned pleased with them.


My dress came out pretty well (not quite as well as the previous one - I did some little mods that didn't go so well, but I can fix them).

DH was happy for a while

And then we came home to Sydney.

I'll be mobile blogging for the rest of the week - I am on the road, back in Melbourne. Bendi here we come! (Friday - hope to see some of you there!)


PS I'm now on Google+ - look me up!


  1. You look gorgeous, Lynne! And the dress is great on you. Can't see what needs fixin'! Nathan's outfit was smashing, too.

    Never been to Hervey Bay. Looks like a great place to visit.

  2. What a nice photo of the two of you. You look really pretty in your new frock too.

  3. That last photo of you and Nathan is a keeper, print that one out!

    The dress looks lovely and it sounds like the weekend was a success.

    Safe tripping to Bendi, might see you there :-)

  4. You and Nathan look happy and wonderful in your photo!! I am glad you had such a good time. What hidden skills: beautiful flower arrangements. Love your dress!!

  5. You look stunning - what a great wedding :)


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