Hooray, my bag arrived

G'day all!

My bag arrived bright and early at 8:30am. Alas, I was not yet out of bed. (I should realise that if I get cold, I can't sleep, and I got very cold last night due to my own stupidity, and couldn't get to sleep until two am.... silly me!)

But I have most of my stash from Bendi, and the rest should arrive tomorrow I hope. Of course cos I didn't take pics before the clouds rolled in and then the rain started, and it is supposed to rain on and off for the rest of the week. So much for our beautiful winter weather - Melbourne weather has followed us up here, except this weather came from a totally different direction. I'll blame the Kiwis instead - they live to the south east of here and that is where the ratty weather is coming from at the moment.

I'm not used to the sound of rain. It hasn't rained much for a while - I've been spoiled by sunny days :-) Now water is running down the stairs outside and dripping off the balcony above us and the trees... It is quite soothing really.

Do I have any crafting to show you? *blush* I've been writing madly when I've had a chance. This blasted story wants to be written and it is taking up crafting time. I have so many things I want to make but a story that noone is ever likely to see is chewing up a lot of time.

We just had a lovely musical interlude when a friend came around and Nathan played piano and we sang Flanders and Swann songs.

The amusement of the day was a lady was soliciting donations for breast cancer. I looked at my arm, encased in its elastic compression sleeve, dipped my head in a sorry, and hurried on. I was tempted to say I've already donated a couple of lumps of tissue to breast cancer, about so big (holding them in my fist), but rain was threatening and I needed to get to the shops. Plus I donate to the national breast cancer research mob and the cancer council and the occasional other cancer charity, plus environmental groups. I'll probably get back onto the MSF bandwagon too. There's only so far one can spread oneself.

now that it is wednesday, eek, I started this somewhat earlier on Tuesday I shall bid you



  1. When I was in London in March/April, I bought a daff at Paddington in your honor (-:

  2. I hate not sleeping too and I have similar weirdness when the Leukaemia people ask for donations or volunteers. Hope your writing goes well and your F&S evening sounds charming!!

  3. Oh your goods have arrived, even if it was early you must be relieved :-)

    Hadn't thought about how people who experience cancers, etc would feel about being asked for donations. Gives me a different perspective.


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