Monday again?

G'day all!

I have many things to get organised at the moment. Like my photos. Yes, it stopped raining at last and I got some photos of my new Bendi stash. I didn't realise that I only bought one skein of yarn for me. Then again, I have not done a lot of knitting recently and do have enough yarn for a little while yet. And I've got a good 10 or more 55L (60Q) boxes at home full of yarn... hmm... But I'm struggling to keep up with everything whilst this blasted story is percolating out of my head like a bubbling spring. I'm not writing a lot of new stuff for it currently - I'm getting it onto the computer, out of my notebooks. Over half of it is written longhand because I can't always carry the computer with me and I sorta like writing it out rather than typing. I still have plenty to write, I am just letting it brew. (Sounds like coffee, doesn't it?) When it wants to come out, it does. It's like a volcano of writing - I get carried away with it. I don't notice time passing. I was on the bus the other day nutting something out and almost missed my stop I was so happily daydreaming. I thought I was THREE stops away!

I have been struggling with Nathan's socks that I've been knitting two at a time on the one set of circular needles. I just don't like knitting that way. The socks start getting surprisingly heavy by the time you've divided the ball of yarn in two and stuck it in the toe of the sock, and you are past the heel. OK, it is the same weight but it flaps around more and drags on the needles.

So I put one sock aside and suddenly? Much easier! Less weight. Faster. Not that it is worth taking a pic of to show you because they are navy coloured socks with white toes = really bad for taking pictures of, and the one I've been working on is only about 10 rounds longer than the other one.

We now have a small sound system for our server here. It means we can have music playing or when we watch a DVD or iView or something, we don't have to wear headphones. Hooray!

Plus Nathan's ex-boss is going back to the States shortly and we are getting his monster tv. I have not had a TV in ages. It will be weird. I will be able to watch whatever I want when I want, if I want. I guess we'll need some form of antenna thing - I am making the assumption that it is digital and comes with all the digital crap. Whoops, very important tuning stuff. Hope we can get decent reception in this concrete and brick box we live in.

And the car is in for a service and needs the carburettor overhauled, a CV joint rebooted (not as in computer reboot) or something and a couple of little odds and ends fixed.

Which somehow makes me think of this youtube video. The One Ronny and his frozen blackberry.

Hopefully I won't find something I absolutely must must must have this coming month, though I am going to have to spend some time in Melbourne again near the end of August. I have my one year check up.

I really should fix some pics up to post them. Blogs without pics are boring. I might do a post from the phone of some pretties I saw today whilst out walking.




  1. I LOVE that skit, it is so clever and so funny!! The Ronnie and Harry Enfield!!
    I agree about the two socks at once, I quite like knitting one cuff, then the other, one leg, then the other etc.
    You must really eb involved in your writing to miss three bus stops.
    I like TV, but I only watch what I like, and since I now have 103 episodes of Xena sitting on my HDD, I have a queue!!

  2. Eggs Box 3.60!!! I love that sketch.


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