Home again home again jiggedy jig!

G'day all!

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. I am looking forward to not jetting around the place for ooh, a month...

Got home half an hour ago, if that. Alas one of our bags hasn't gotten home yet - it didn't make it on the plane so I have to wait for it to show up. Given we nearly didn't make it on the plane, it isn't surprising - because we can't webcheck in when we are away and because mobile check in doesn't work on Android, they bumped us off and then back on again.

I rather hope my bag does show up. I bought it for $35 or $40 in the US and it is an ugly carpet (not crapet as I first typed) bag with wheels. For some reason I really like it, so it must remind me of some family thing. I've noticed that I tend to like things that remind me of stuff from when I was small. I told myself it was a stupid thing to get and I shouldn't buy it and I made myself walk around the shop and go out and come back two days later and it was still there, so I bought it. And it has been excellent, if ever so slightly too large to be cabin baggage.

I am a little fussed about it arriving by taxi because I don't have a good record with taxis and where we live. There are three roads with similar names around here - ours, Avon, 50m down the road and on the other side of the street and Avon lane, nearly opposite our street (taxis get them all mixed up) plus our place is currently hard to get to. They are doing roadworks at the end of the laneway that is the easiest access and because they are doing work on the balconies here (hmm, maybe I need to move the car?) they have blocked off the walkways (with scaffholding to reach the balconies) and we have to tromp across the garden bed and step down about 50cm to get to the entrance for this 2/3 of the block.... Now that is fun when you have 30kg (nearly 70lb) of luggage to handle!

But I am home and I will have a good gnaw on Qantas if my carpet bag doesn't make it home too cos it has most of my Bendigo stash in it and a bunch of other good crap like my raincoat. (The rest of the Bendi stash I have entrusted to Australia Post - I managed to stuff a small satchel with 496g of tops, weight limit is 500g, I ROOL!)

I spent half the weekend in the garden pulling out weeds (OMG, so many weeds, so many dead plants). After 11 or so years of drought, all of the drought-tolerant plants are turning their toes up because we've had average (or above) rainfall in our part of Melbourne for about 18 months and the plants just can't cope with the amount of water. The water table is very high and everything is damp. It is great to have it wet, just a bit peeving when we've set the garden up in a certain way and now it isn't the right type of planting!

The cats remembered us - they are getting better at that. Nutmeg actually sat on Nathan's lap and stood on mine! She has not been a lap cat since she did something unsavoury on my lap and got belted for it. Cheshire decided to jump on my lap last night. He isn't very good at jumping on laps.... His front paws landed on my leg but his back legs were scrabbling at the air (ie he completely failed to jump). I have a pair of matching claw prints in my leg now. Egads it hurt! Drew blood from all 8 claw holes. I'm going to look ever so pretty at the pool with the micropore tape all over my leg.

Anyway, it was a good trip and I enjoyed it. We were up late most nights (family and staying at a share house in their loungeroom!) and up early, so we are glad to get back to Sydney (home) and be able to rest! LOL

It is funny calling Sydney home. Our place in Melbourne is no longer home - it is not our house, I am not at liberty to wander around it, I have to ask for permission to come in and provide at least 24 hours notice (unless I am invited in). This is now home - it is where I live. It is where at least some of my crap is. The most important stuff. Weird, huh?



  1. Hoping the Taxi made it safely with your package. Nice for you that you got to go to Bendi :-)


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