Only 46mm of rain today

And counting... 9 hours to go for the 24 hour rainfall total...

G'day all!

I was getting a bit of cabin fever today (even though I went out in the pouring rain last night) so I went in search of gumboots.

Target has sold out of gumboots. Everyone bought them yesterday. Kmart has not sold out of gumboots, well not if you are a girl between say 3 and 8.

Alas I am a somewhat bigger girl with a fair grip on this earth (some might disagree - I have been compared to Luna Lovegood before - but I take a 9-10 in women's sizing (Oz and US) or about a 41 in European sizing).

I looked online. $60 for pretty gumboots, up to $130! Ouch. I'm not used to them costing more than about $30. Then they wanted $19 for shipping from 5km away from here to my place. I sorta lost interest in them at that point. The place doesn't have a shopfront either that I could pick the things up from. Then I looked online and found that gumboots are around USD150! Holy guacamole, they are only gumboots! I could buy a rather nice pair or two of knee high leather boots for that price now that the winter clearance sales are on.... Admittedly walking through gutters full of water would ruin the leather boots.

I guess I could go to Bunnings (Home Despot equivalent) but they would be ugly and dark green with red on them and a Bunnings label. So not the cute gumboots of my dreams.

I could buy yucky ones and paint them but that would mean finding appropriate paints for PVC (AFAIK gumboots are not often made of rubber now).

Or I could suck it up and just buy the local ones online.

People whine about how wet Melbourne is, but let me tell you, when it rains in Sydney, it does not muck around with this drizzle stuff *and* it is just as likely to rain for days, only it does it tropical style. We've had a few short let offs in the rain since Tuesday night but we've had 244mm (nearly 10" or all of San Jose's rainfall) of rain this month, and only about 20mm of that fell before this week. Yikes!

Anyway, more is forecast for the weekend, and I now truly understand why gumboots were in all the shops earlier in winter. And why they are all sold out. 8-)



  1. That's definitely flood inducing rain. None here at all, I think our weather here usually comes across from Adelaide.
    Those prices are gumboot extortion!! You could plant some trees and harvest and vulcanise your own rubber for those prices.
    I have smaller feet, 36 or 37, and they are just as tricky to find shoes for!!
    Did you really mean Home Despot?? I somehow think you did!!

  2. I couldn't believe how expensive your gumboots sounded!


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