Getting to know you, part the somethingth

G'day all!

Today I decided that my life would be incomplete without a ruffler foot for my sewing machine.

The first place I rang said "Yes, I am sure we have some in stock."  Hooray!

So I checked out the transport website, worked out a plan, and choofed on out. It should take me 43 minutes to get there...

If someone can tell me why I then immediately for on the wrong bus and went to the wrong station, I'd be grateful.... Lol

40 minutes after I left, I was wandering around the right station, trying to find the right platform. I found a map that told me what trainline to catch, I found a map that told me where the platforms were, I just couldn't find something that told me which train left from which platform. And I couldn't find anyone to ask without leaving the station, which would invalidate my ticket.

Ten minutes later, I spied a sign with a dark blue line on it.  Hooray! It was the line I wanted.  So I followed the line.

It led me down a manky green, claustrophobia inducing tunnel. They had tried to make the tunnel nice by stencilling vines and leaves on it but even that didn't work.  I walked down down down the tunnel and through a door.

To my left were gates to leave the station and in front of me were stairs. By now, I was wondering if I had wandered into some sort of video game, whether I'd meet a wandering monster, what I could whack it with (my sock knitting needles?) and whether I'd find a treasure.

I walked down the stairs, then down another flight and another. I was standing on a wide landing with two steel doors in front of me. Apart from the lime green walls, I rather did think I was in a dungeon. But the doors were very clearly saying Do Not Enter. And there were more stairs to go down.

Hooray, my prize! A train platform! The right platform!

It was only then that I discovered only every second train stored at the station I wanted to go to.  And Kogarah is said cog-ra.

After my 43 minute trip took most of 90 minutes, I was only in the shop for five minutes. And my prize cost a whole ten bucks! Hope it works...



  1. That manky green tunnel is a vast improvement on what it used to be. Dark, dirty, disgusting.

    Kogarah? Check next time. Hornsby is at the apex of the two main lines. One goes up north shore past Chatswood, Gordon an the other through Strathfield, West Ryde, Eastwood, Epping. They meet for northern line to Newcastle at Hornsby. There's a yarn shop at Penrith on the Western line but it's a long journey out of Sydney, especially if you don''t know where you are going. At the risk of offending those from that area, I'll say Kogarah is on a much less popular and useful line. Hurstville is a large shopping area down that way and there are other stations of interest for beach etc, but I'd never willingly travel in that direction.

  2. Wow! That looks like a fantastical piece of machinery :-)

    Good luck with the public transport for next time!

  3. I invite you on my new blog.
    Will be a lot of pictures, music, films, cars etc.
    It would be nice if you'll visit my blog sometimes :)

  4. Ahh, that's definitely a Cook's Tour!! Sadly, my ruffler foot costs $100, I am waiting till after my tax return.


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