Peppermint tea, I want to have your babies

G'day all!

Oh the glories of peppermint tea! Oh blessed tea! Y'see the indigestion's got me bad, even with the new medication. (I am contemplating going off this med when things settle and trying the other one again cos I had EXACTLY THE SAME issues with this one as I did with the first and it is generally less effective as an anti-indigestion thing than the first one I tried.)

If I drink peppermint tea, things settle to some degree. Maybe even enough that I can sleep! After all, it is only quarter to one in the morning as I write this and I really really really want to go to sleep. So hopefully the peppermint tea will keep setting me right enough to get some sleep. Oh blessed sleep!

And next time stomach says it wants munchies at 10pm, I shall bravely ignore it and sally forth to bed instead.

I never did show off Travelled Woman, did I?


She wraps around my neck quite well, mostly because the tips are bent like (folded) bat wings. But she is not for me, no no. I am pretty sure I know where she is going.

(I love that picture beyond reason.) Details on Ravelry.

A while ago, I also spun up some merino (or merino and silk) singles to make a pair of slippers out of. Silly me never took a pic of them after fulling, only before


and now the slippers are totally covered in all sorts of things from hair to wood shavings, ie loved but not photographable. Ravelled here. I love them too cos they keep my tootsies warm. Warm tootsies are wonderful!

Must go to bed. Oh please let me sleep Mr Indigestion! Mr Peppermint Tea has had a good calmative effect so far and I would so like not to fall asleep on the keyboard (which is perilously likely to happen if I keep blathering!).



  1. Your Traveling Woman is so pretty! Hope you tummy settles :)

  2. Oh I concur about the efficacy of Peppermint Tea. It is truly amazing, and when I feel poorly, it works for me to!! Hope you are feeling less boogelly soon!!
    Gorgeous knitting!!


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