G'day all!

I am now involved in a wrangle with the mob we used to move money from the States to home.

We've triggered some money laundering thing and now I have to provide evidence of our US income and address for the US government.

Well we have no income in the States (or here for that matter). I've been moving money from the US account to here to help us survive. I haven't even paid the mortgage for the last two months (we are still ahead though due to shovelling money onto it in the past).

We also do not have an address in the States so proving residence is going to be awful hard when we are not residents.

Argh! Stupid regs. I know why they are there but I simply cannot provide the evidence they want of income and residence. We have none!

Argh grumble mutter. All I need is a wrangle with the US govt thinking we deal in illegal stuff or some such rot. We are horribly law abiding. Heck I won't even speed or park illegally or run orange lights. It's a dull life but someone has to lead it.



  1. Hmmm. Maybe some banker in Nigeria can help you get out of this mess. From all the emails I get, they seem to be experts at helping people free up money that's all tied up.
    I just think, given the economy, the US is loath to see any money leaving its shores.
    Hope you clear this up soon; it must be stressful having to deal with that on top of everything else.


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