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G'day all!

Hooray for me, I've survived another PET scan, mammogram, ultrasound and two biopsies! And chemo today. Feeling pretty tired - one of the anti-nausea/anti-bloating drugs I am on seems to wake me up at 4am (didn't help that someone rang us at 3:30am!) and I can't go back to sleep until after 5am. But at least that meant I rescued the chicken stock that I meant to freeze on Tuesday after making it on Monday. 4:30am and I'm reboiling the stock. Has to be an upside for every early morning awakening.

The infusion went in ok, no dramas with allergies or anything. Tomorrow Nathan has to stab me with a new drug to keep my neutrophil (a white blood cell/immune system support) count up. We'll see how I go!

I never showed off my new little quilt. I finished it over a week ago!


The olive colour is actually a bit brighter and happier in reality - it is called avocado and is quite like avocado skin in colour. The quilt measures 88cm X 110cm, so roughly 34" X 43" - possibly a cot size quilt or a nice little lap quilt. I'm thinking of selling this one but have no idea how to price it.

Materials are Lila Tueller's "Eden" mixed with some local quilter's cotton. Batting is 50:50 bamboo cotton. All the thread used in it is cotton (except possibly 15 cm of thread used on one of the avocado binding sections). I have ideas about having everything rot down when it is no longer wanted or useful.

I am quite fond of the backing.


I stippled it over a couple of days on my Janome. That was an experience cos someone kept forgetting to put the presser foot down and that completely plays with the tension. At least I remembered to put the feed dogs down...


I've knitted a couple of big hairy hats this week and donated them to the chemo centre. I've got pics of them on me just to show off the idea but haven't edited them yet. plus I am working on a way cute or offbeat hat with the weird yarn I talked about the other day. I fear I need another ball of the yarn but today is not a good day for trawling up to the shops (though I might feel fine later on - currently I feel knackered!). Instead I've started knitting me a big pink hairy hat. :-)



  1. love your "little quilt"!! Can you make me one? :-)t


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