G'day all!

A quick one before tomorrow's chemo, the last FEC, hooray!

I'm sitting on the bed, with a cat beside me. I'm reading a Ravelry post when I feel something on the back of my neck.

ACK! It is HARD and has more legs than I'd like it to. I shriek and pull it off me.

It's a weevil, a sort of beetle. In this case it is about 8mm/third of an inch long.

"Oooh, what is that?," says Nutmeg, as I try to flick it off the bed. "Oooh!" I flick it (accidentally) right at her. "Oooh! YUM!" Nom nom nom. But the weevil is stuck firmly to the bed. They have claws you know. Nom nom nom. Nom nom nom! Eventually she detaches the weevil and drops it on the floor and eats it there. (One can only eat off the floor, preferably without any sort of bowl in the way.)

Now she is looking at me and waiting for me to find her another little snack....

Nutmeg, scourge of small creatures everywhere.

(Note, DH stayed asleep for the whole performance...)



  1. Ack indeed, or more likely eeeeeewwwwww!! There aren't more are there?

  2. I was bent over the stroller yesterday when a beetle type thing flew only my back, dropped down into my pants, in my underwear no less. I went screaming into the house and managed to reach the living room before dropping my pants, dang thing bit my butt!! I know how you feel!

  3. Glad to hear you are keeping the cat entertained. :)

  4. My feline Dexter is a great spider catcher and eater. He saves me from screaming and running away, he finds all the spiders in my house and gobbles them right up. He's a crazy tabby cat, but I love him because he eats all the scary spiders! Glad to hear you are hanging in there and finding the humor in life.

  5. Yikes! I would have lost it!

    btw, had no idea you were undergoing chemo, I'm so far behind on blogs n stuff. *fingers crossed* that all is well with you :o)

  6. Anonymous6:54 am
    When you have time, check out the pics my daughter took of the Breast Cancer Bracelets. Nice to hear you seem to be in good spirits. Keep up the good work. A friend of mine, also with breast cancer, says you can beat anything with ATTITUDE
    Hugs, Alma

  7. That was very lucky for Nutmeg!!!

  8. my cat who looks a lot like your nut (just not as furry) used to eat spiders at my other house. but only half. i was constantly finding a half body and 4 legs (sometimes still wriggling!)

    i've been thinking about you, and i'm using the stitch markers i won from you a lot. they're on my evenstar shawl as we speak.

    sparkle on!


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