Gifties and overdue thanks!

G'day all!

I have been terribly ungracious. (Actually it was someone known as me forgot to take pics of a couple of items received and then got all hung up on not being able to blog the gifties without all parts being acknowledged.) I received some parcels a month ago and haven't blogged them. (And I need to find the pics of another giftie that will be coming in handy very shortly given we are moving well into autumn and soon winter here.)

So my good buddy Dreamcatcher sent me a lovely mauve chemo chap in Calmer:

and a silk scarf:
(with me trying for some Hollywood in a convertible with the top down glamour but failing. alas dismally - I just look like a nong instead. LOL)

Both of these gifts are finding plenty of use :-) And if you are in the market for a bit of hand-dyed yarn, hop along to Dreamcatcher's new shop, Flamboyance Yarns, particularly if you are in the UK.

And my good pal Sknitty sent me a whole passel of bits and bobs, like a badge:

some stitchmarkers:

Some Trader Joe's peppermint lip balm (yummy!) which apparently I should not apply to my eyeballs (?!!):

some yummy drinks - the ginger tea is good for my weird indigestion and DH rather likes the hot chocolate:

some yummy yarn for me to knit up into something extra nice:

and a chemo cap in a Lorna's Lace (ooh gosh, must find the card again):

Many thanks to you both - I am enjoying my prezzies :-)

(No I am not really as white as a vampire or even a goth, but I do glow in sunlight! LOL)

Rumbling around on Ravelry (I spend LOTS of time there now when I'm not doing other stuff, like chopping up a what feels like a thousand apples and stewing them after we bought a big bag of Granny Smiths for $5), I discovered a website with some major temptation. I've been knitting a lot of shawls and making more and more complicated lace ones, well sometimes. Othertimes I've been knitting pretty basic lace shawls. Well I came across a link to this online shop. Argh. Now I want this book on Estonian shawls and this book on Estonian mittens. And some of the laceweight yarn - €3.50 for 100g of 1700m or 1400m lamswool? Wowee! But alas, no income = no nice new books for me. Or yarn. (Ahem. Except for the stuff I bought yesterday to make me a whacky hat. Oh and the 30% off 2ply Shepherd "baby yarn.")

If I pull my finger out and track down the ingredients, I will make this gluten free bread. And then I can make some GF naan bread. Mmmm naan :-)

And the next time you yawn and someone tells you off for being rude? Tell them that your brain is switching gears and is revving itself up.

Guess I'd better go wash a couple of the new plakky containers so I can freeze the stewed apple. (I prefer glass but glass is heavy and breaks badly.) Then I can look at heating up Saturday night's leftovers for dinner tonight - hooray for me for making so much food! Oh and I have to deal with the chicken stock I made earlier today. It might be cool enough to go in the fridge now. Then I can skim off the fat and freeze it too. It will most likely end up as a risotto - we are eating heaps of my non-traditionally made risotto at present. It is yummy!



  1. Oh such lovely gifts. I must get of the couch and post your your Easter Bunny thing. I reckon I am almost up to it!! Nice modelling too!! Nice to see you smiling!!

  2. :) The hat fits! Whew :) PS - I glow in the sunlight too!

  3. Love the photo of the scarf....hilarious!

  4. I have not been keeping up with blogs recently, my bad! Thanks muchly for the Flamboyance linkie, much appreciated! Glad you liked the wee gifties too. Hope things are going OK in general, have been catching up on the posts from the past few weeks. Understandable (although not impressed with) re the husbandly grumpiness, we all tend to unleash the bottled up stress on our nearest and dearest. You both have a lot to deal with, hope he understands that, and hope the "air" is cleared.


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