Chemo queen in progress

G'day all!

I'm keeping busy at the moment. Yesterday I had to get my PICC line dressed, which means going to the hospital. I have *never* been to a hospital so often before. I have to go every week! Next week I need to go on Tuesday (clinic), Wednesday (PET scan), Thursday (mammogram/ultrasound/biopsy) and then Friday for chemo! I'll be really busy but that is ok cos I reckon I am up to it and it also gives me four more chances to forget to go and buy some more peppermint tea (loose leaf, hard to come by cos we don't have a local Wholefoods any more). I forgot yesterday and boy was I peeved with myself cos I bought a heap of other stuff but forgot the very thing I went to that shop for!

So much for old chemo brain not affecting me...though I am prone to forgetting stuff anyway and I have not missed an appointment yet. Except the one where they sent the notification to a completely wrong address - I think I can say that was not my fault!

On and off I've been working on my chemo queen bedjacket.


I've completed the yoke, started on the bodice and now been distracted by the sleeves. I want the sleeves to be elbow length but we'll see - I don't know how much yarn that will take cos once my 300g of recycled cotton and cashmere is all gone, it is all gone! I might be able to match the cashmere (aqua) within reason from my stash of recycled cashmere pullovers but most likley not.


(The background on the first pic reminds me that am going to start blogging on A Modest Manor again cos we have lots of stuff that is really house stuff and garden stuff to talk about. Like my BiL cut down the rather too large Queensland Box tree yesterday - thanks BiL!)

I've finished a little shawl which is blocking on the bed as we speak. I hope it dries before we need to go to bed tonight! Pics later - it doesn't show up well against the sheet I am blocking it on. Plus I finally got the binding on the little pinwheel quilt sewn down and the thing washed and mostly dry before the current spell of not-so-good weather has kicked in. Can you imagine - a week of cloudy, windy weather with repeated (failed) attempts at rain? That is what we have before us, after a week of much too warm weather (it hit 30C/80sF) one day last week, and we had some fantastic thunderstorms. I had to shave my legs again so I could wear shorts! I also shaved my head this morning cos I got sick of having random tufty bits of hair. Now I have a bit of a fringe, some side tufts and some nape tufts (the latter mainly cos it is really hard to buzz cut your own head). Now I can go loud and proud and nude nutted when I go out. I love rubbing it - parts feel soft like moleskin, parts feel like cheap synthetic velour :-D

Argh, just found another bit I missed! Off to find the scissors.



  1. Nice cardigan you are such a fast knitter. I wallow about with all the best intentions and never make as much progress!!!
    Oh the endless hours spent travelling to, waiting for, being in and then going home again from appointments at the doctor and hospital. It's a good thing sick people can't really go to work because they would never be there anyway!!!

  2. Don't know if this would be useful to you or not but you came to mind when I saw it.


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