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G'day all!

I have more FOs to show you. Plural? Yes. But do I have edited pics?


My bad!

Things are interesting at the Modest Manor. I am happily engaged in making stuff. DH is unhappily engaged in being unemployed. He really needs a job but there are not that many jobs out there for a chap with his qualifications - companies here are only willing to pay for graduates, as in someone with a degree. Of course if you pay peanuts, you will get quite a number of monkeys...

Anyway, I brought home a fair amount of undyed sock yarn. I even paid duty on it. My plan was to set up yet another little dyeing business whilst I looked for work. Well plans change as things change and whilst I won't be looking for a Real Job (though I do have a rather short haircut!) for the nonce, I've decided maybe I'll do a bit of yarn dyeing to help pass the time. (Cos I don't have anything else to do, ha! You would not believe how much time I spend in the kitchen these days - I'm not a great cook, I mostly don't really enjoy cooking and I do a lot of it every day...)

So I have the yarn. I need to skein some up. What sort of sock yarn do you like best? I've got:
  • 100% superwash wool,
  • superwash BFL,
  • 80:20 merino/bamboo,
  • 50:50 merino silk (but it is pricey)...

I've used the 100% superwash and it is nice, the 80:20 wool/bamboo is quite lush, and I have No Clue about the other two. I was trying to get some cashmere blend cos ones like Casbah are totally lush and gorgeous and even seem to wash well but by jingo it sells out quickly!

I'm thinking of doing some self-striping yarn, just simple ones, two colours (eg black and purple, black and blue, someone will want black and red but I don't do much red cos I'm allergic to the red dyes I've used so far). Maybe some three colour ones. I might do some plain old immersion/kettle dyeing but it is fairly random in effect and one tends to get unmatchy socks. I could do some one colour dyeing, I'd love to do some more gradient dye jobs (but they are more pricey cos they involve a lot more labour) I guess I should check what dyes I have left these days! I am pretty sure I brought some home from the US.

(I have a respirator, the likes of which is used in a spray painting shop, I have gloves, I can sacrifice an item of clothing to be my dye top, all to reduce my exposure to chemicals.)

I shall distract you from the lack of knitting content with pics of hexes for a new quilt along.


(Love the radiation safety hexes, though they are a bit lurid and hard to see in some combos)

(Wheely good hexes!)

Don't you love the way you can change the appearance of the hex by alternating the pieces or turning them sideways?

Tomorrow I might have another FO, a knitting one, to show you. I am galloping along on a little shawl. I might be being a bit overenthusiastic though cos it won't be blocked and currently looks like a rather holey dishrag.



  1. What about doing semi-solid colours? With the interest in knitting scarves, shawls and patterned socks you might have more commercial success. Who knows - perhaps you will be the next Wollemeisse!

  2. I am fascinated by the hexagons too, especially the nuclear radiation ones!!! Good luck with your dyeing, I agree about semi solids, you can still knit a lace pattern with them. Because of course I knit so much lace!!!


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