G'day all!

Tis the season for me to hibernate! It has been rather cold here these last couple of days. A strong cold front came through and brrr!

(OK, this is to say that it is getting down to about 10C/40-something F overnight and only reaching 17C/60?F during the day, with a rather strong cold SW wind. Yesterday was the first day since December last year when the temperature did not reach 20C.)

So here I am, sitting at the computer (as I have been for a greater part of the day) whining about being cold. I've found I can keep my hands warm if I put them on the laptop cos it is warmer than some things around the place. I have a silk/bamboo cap on, a lovely little shawlette knitted out of handspun boucle silk given to me last year, handknitted handwarmers, luscious handknitted socks, four layers on my top (and I've got the hood up on the fleecy top over my cap), the ORBQ quilt on my lap and I am still barely managing to keep warm. And apart from the things in pairs, nothing matches. I'd warm up if I was more active but I'm finding days 3-5 or 6 after chemo are pretty slack, slow days when I don't want to do much (especially since the indigestion is worst around then too!).

The cats are so cold, Nutmeg consented to sit with Cheshire for a while and even washed him and allowed him to wash her. This is mighty unusual!

And I've finally started editing pics of things I've received and things I've made recently. HOOR-blasted-RAY!


The second most recent chemo cap, now donated to my chemo centre. Blogging it before I forget about it - out of sight, out of mind!


Hopefully it won't look as mutant as it does on my head. The yarn is gorgeous - bamboo cotton, bought in Munich. Wish I had more of it cos I used about 1.2 skeins for this hat = not enough to make me a cap too!

(Glad I washed it cos I just saw a cat hair on it - I'm trying to avoid spreading the cat hair love around but it isn't always possible).

This hat was made to my now standard recipe for chemo caps - a swirl in one direction, short rows and a swirl in the other direction (so you can tell the back from the front). I am going to write up the pattern for 8ply/DK weight yarn, with an emphasis on sizing for those of us who are boofheads!



I won a prize on Uberstitch's blog! I was so excited! She runs an Etsy shop - do go check it out if you are into fabrics, particularly quilting fabrics. I find that it is much cheaper to buy material from such stores and get it shipped than it is to buy locally. (But I wish I could afford to buy locally, I just can't especially at the moment....) It's amazing what you can get into these $13 flat rate mailing bags. See what was inside:

A Denyse Schmidt quilting book (with some really great ideas in it) and

a wodge of coordinating fat quarters from her Hope Valley line in New Day. I am looking forward to playing with them soon, as soon as I finish working on my pinwheel quilts, yes QUILTS. BTW, neither USPS or Oz Post can be blamed for the book being bent - it was bent to get it into the mailing bag. (I had to make that clear - I was amazed the book arrived in as good a shape as it has cos it is laying pretty much flat now.)


Here's a sneak preview of the bigger quilt before I sewed it together. I've actually finished both the quilt tops now and have the smaller one all basted up ready to quilt. (It has been so windy here recently that I've not been able to get pics - the only place to get good pics is hanging on the washing line and well when the quilt top is blowing sideways....) I just need the space to start the quilting! DH is using all of the desk for his electronics projects - I'll have to get him to set me up a table too :-)

I hope that is enough for you to go on with for the nonce! I have plenty more to blog about but I seem to be in a quiet phase at present. I guess it is a low energy time and when I am a bit flat energy wise, I pull into myself (typical introvert!). It doesn't mean I am not enjoying life or anything, just that I am being pretty quiet and saving my energy for things that don't cost me much.



  1. Hasn't it been cold? Jules has just been around the house cleaning the crap out of the heater vents so we can turn the heating on! Weird weather goes from warm mid 20's to below 20 at the drop of a hat, that's Melbourne for you!
    Stay warm.

  2. Well darlin', alls I can say is "Hug Your Hottie" ;-) X0x0

  3. You must be going into autumn now - we're crossing over as it is cold again when it was so warm lately. Love the quilt and chemo cap. Well done on your win.

  4. Weird, We have about the same weather here in Fort Collins :) Stay warm.....



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