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G'day all!

I am pretty sure I have not blogged this. I better not have! It didn't show up when I loaded my own blog....

(Talk about chemo brain - I just had to go investigate the funny hissing noise. Turns out it is the onions I put on to brown on the stove (obviously in a saucepan!). Oh. At least it wasn't a leaking hose, which is what I thought it was at first! Maybe I need my ears checked.)


So this little shawl has been doing the rounds recently on Ravelry. I thought I would try my hand at it.

Calais, by Judy Marples.

I had some sock yarn sitting around (doesn't everyone???) that had been part knitted into a sock. The hand of the yarn as a sock just was not doing it for me. It felt rather cottony but wrong for cotton too. I dyed it up hmm, three years or so ago. It was a test skein that I never really like.


Looks pretty good as this little shawl though! But it is a little shawl - 330m of fingering weight yarn, about 1.2m across and 60cm deep. I knitted it on 4mm needles, slightly larger than the ones called for I believe, but should've gone up further to make it less dense. I had enough yarn - I repeated the last two rows 5 more times than called for in the pattern. OK, I only had this much yarn left after the cast off.

Yikes! (Don't I have an interesting lifeline or three?)

I like the little whale tail :-)

Now I have to move on to knit another shawl. I signed up for the Evenstar knitalong but haven't started on that yet. Maybe I should do the test swatch before I start new chemo. But I don't have lots of time and I sorta want to go to the Australian quilt convention tomorrow, though I am not sure if that is a good idea given how busy I am. But the show only happens once a year and I won't be able to go on the weekend, but I have no money to spend there so I'd best stay away and play in my stash instead. There. Decided. (boo hoo!)

You wanna know something I find highly amusing? Today after my PET scan, I trawled around Chaddy (a truly monstrous mall) looking for black nail polish (or dark blue) and for some sort of sunglasses that could go over my specs. I found the nail polish eventually, when I went to the right sort of shop, and got some holographic silver glitter nail polish too (this is to try to save my fingernails during the next chemo as it is very hard on nails). The sunnies? Well I had to get prescription ones. (Now I can't afford to pay for my footy club membership.) The funny part?

Here's me, happy to wear no name brands. The sunnies are Versace. They were on special and cost $6 more than the cheap ones, and looked better. So now I'll be wearing Versace with my old runners (trainers) and tie dye tshirts! LOL



  1. It is very pretty, love the whale tail too!! You did a sterling job with finishing before you ran out of wool!!!
    I left The Labradors celery and carrot cooking, on HIGH for half an hour before I could smell something!!

  2. It's gorgeous! Love that color :)

  3. Beautiful lace project!
    Right now I'm too ADD for lace.
    I've only ever done 2 lace projects - the Girasole and a Cat's Paw Mobius.
    It seems as if you churn out a lace project every few weeks ---some chemo brain!
    Way to go.

  4. Love the knitting! If you are still interested in sunglasses that fit over normal glasses, the cancer council sell them. I got a pair from their shop near the Carlton gardens. I am told that they are a fashion disaster, but they work :)


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