Ah simple minds, simple pleasures

G'day all!

On the weekend, I succumbed to temptation.

I bought a ball of this yarn in pink, white and green (aka a colourway that is not in the online shop). It is a novelty yarn with puffy lumps of polyester that looks sorta like small marshmallows when knitted up.

I admit to giggling like a maniac as the lumpy bits start lining up. I wish I had enough done to show you what it looks like but really, three rows is not enough! I am making myself a very basic hat out of it - one of the sorts of hats that is a rectangle seamed on both sides to make a rather square hat.

Here's me, being a yarn snob, and the simple things are amusing me, like puffy marshmallow hats. Tee hee hee!

And you should see the enormous fluffy dead muppet chemo cap I made - just finished it a little while ago (oops, no I haven't - I haven't woven, more like knotted, in one of the ends. Best fix that up). I made it for a true boofhead - it is a little large even on me, tough the large just means it relaxes on my head nicely.

Ah from the sublime to the ridiculous. Or maybe vice versa.

860m of mauve/violet/violent handspun finnsheep. Mmm. Am trying to choose a pattern for this one - it will be a full size shawl when I am done but which one? Hmmm...

Nothing to report from today's clinic. My usual oncologist was not available, only a registrar. He was ok but he has not been dealing with me all the way through and well I didn't develop any rapport with him at all. He didn't examine me or look at the weirdness on the back of my head (sorta spotty, not itchy or flaky, just looks weird). One of the BC nurses said that I was supposed to see a surgeon too today but noone could tell me who or where, except the receptionist said that there were no surgeons on today. And then she couldn't even call the BC nurses, even though they are in the same offices, all she could do was give me their number... Apparently I can take thiamine (B1) and vitamin B12 to help combat side effects of the taxane chemotherapy I'll be starting later in the week. Guess I shall go check out various B group vitamins, then see if I can get B1, B6 and B12 in preference to others B group vitamins. They didn't say B6 but it seems to always be a goodie to take if you need some of the group, though I read that it can cause peripheral neuropathy in large doses and peripheral neuropathy is something I am trying to avoid by taking B1 and B12. Doh!

Tomorrow I have another PET scan. Thursday they bleed me of half my blood volume (via a needle in my arm, alas not the PICC line - useless PICC line - I was told it would be used for bloods!) and then mammogram me, ultrasound me and biopsy me. Thursday is going to be a Day of Pain. The amount of blood they take is probably only about 100mL all up but it hurtses cos they suck it out. As for the mammogram, I will be expert at these by the time I am done. Hopefully they'll only want to look at the right one. Please? And then I can have more holes in me and lots of very interesting and scary looking bruising. Hope I heal up ok - healing is taking its own sweet time now.

On a related note, having never had such short hair before, certainly not a shaved head, I didn't realise that the spiky hairs left would act rather like velcro on my hats. The little stumps are fairly sensitive and don't like having any of my caps moved around on my head. They seem to hang onto the caps as well. Weird!

ETA - weather today was fantastically dull. Lowering clouds that ended up drizzling, just like a proper winter day in Melbourne. Except it is still autumn. Haven't seen weather like this for ages. I want my cool, crisp sunny mornings that warm up to about 20-22C. Those are proper autumnal days!



  1. oooh oooooh T has a blanket made out of those marshmallows and it is sooooo cool. Popular back home I guess.
    When my brother used to shave his head it too was like velcro, we'd always pull his toque off super slow to see it stick.

  2. Today at our workshop the apothecary pharmacist was listing some thing that had few if any contraindications and were good for nausea, fatigue etc. I'll see if I wrote them down....

  3. I made a scarf last year out of Snowball. It's an excellent scarf, but I spent more time untangling the yarn than I did actually knitting. The yarn tends to tangle more as the skein shrinks.

    If I knitted with it again, I'd wind the whole skein around something cone-like or column-like before I started knitting, and pray that it would help with the tangles.


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