Yea verily I made another hat

G'day all!

I'm still knitting away at the chemo hats - after all a girl is fairly bald now, or at least looks like she has a severe hairloss problem. I keep getting a surprise when I look in the mirror - that's me! Where did my hair go? Like DUH!

In my newly reacquired stash, I've found a few odd skeins of cotton blend and non-wool yarns. I guess I can make some more hats out of them. I have a bad habit of buying one or two balls of yarn to "try out" and then never trying them out.

I found a ball of a lovely green (US/Canada) Patons bamboo silk. The yarn feels rather lush and is a true worsted yarn in weight (even though it says it is a DK/8 ply yarn on Ravelry). It actually weighs a tonne, or so it feels, compared to the cottons and wool blends I've been working with.

So I started making my usual top down knitted in the round chemo cap.


I should provide the recipe for it, shouldn't I? I shall have to count some stitches and work out gauge and stuff for different weight yarns. Problem is, I usually knit for boof heads (ie me). Even without my hair, I still have a quite large head - my hair is fine, very fine and didn't add much to my head circumference. I am not quite so sure about sizing for less boofheads, let alone pinheads. That is where gauge comes into things!


See that little line in my palm? No, not the palmar creases, the vaguely brownish/reddish line? That has at least 5 of my hairs clumped together in it. I say at least five because when I was trying to count them, some blew away. I think there's more than 8.

(I had more hair on Friday or Saturday than I do today)

I like to make the back longer than the front so that it gives the nape of my neck a little more cover. After all, it hasn't seen the sun since I was a baby. This time I put the swirl in the short row shaping.


I am quite pleased with this hat. I had worried that the bamboo might not be soft enough (it feels divine against face and hand but I've found some bamboos feel a bit scratchy on my inside wrist and now my noggin) but it is fine. Maybe the silk balances that out. I'd quite happily knit more of these but alas I only brought home one ball of this yarn. Silly me!

I updated my knitmeter earlier today. Not including the projects I have on the needles, I have knitted over 2km of yarn in them so far this year. This is what having a life of leisure and not being able to go out one week in three does for my knitting! However, I think I'd prefer to be in a position where knitting and the net were not my constant daily (and nightly) companions, YKWIM?



  1. Yes, IKWYM,otherwise I would be out somewhere gallivanting, possibly Tom Jones, and not here at my computer!!
    Nice hat, very nice hat. Considering everything you look pretty good. Must be the hat!!

  2. Nice hat - lovely to see you smiling.


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