Small happinesses

G'day all!

Thanks for the commiserations. The indigestion is settling down some now (I started on a prescription med but haha, it has side effects of a runny kind! DOH!) and life is somewhat more bearable. I never knew how painful indigestion could be - like cramping pains all the way through my chest and upper gut area. BC nurse says that it is because of the chemo - it strips the lining from my gullet. She also said I am a clever person and should be able to work things out but I've never done this before and am a bit clueless quite frankly.

So today, I have found small happinesses.

A light covering of cirrus clouds that looked like very faint brush strokes outlining a quarter moon.

Sun on my mostly bald noggin. (Only for a couple of minutes)

Soft fuzzy socks with angora in them on a cold morning.

Being able to see the Southern Cross out the bedroom window (obviously at night :-).

A purring happy cat. (Several times, including pleasing said purring cat - she really does enjoy being patted.)

Making meals that have helped me avoid full blown indigestion, only a little discomfort.


Blocking my Travelled Woman and starting on getting pics of it. Very likely to gift this one.

Knitting enough of a new shawlette to start the edging. Admittedly the edging is just feather and fan for 45% of the yarn (about 140m) but it makes it look like I've made progress! It is fairly brain dead cos I need some good brain dead stuff currently.

Managing to remove most of the weedy grass from the middle of a clump of nice grass. O gardening how I miss thee!

Getting a little bit of energy back now and then. The couple of days after chemo I feel sorta drained and empty but able to do stuff. This time around days three and four have been dragging myself through the day sorta times. Today, day five has been a bit better, so hopefully tomorrow will be even better and I'll start being vaguely useful again!

Maybe I'll manage to look as smug as Cheshire tomorrow! I hope so. I might even end up showing off some pics of FOs and some belated thanks for gifties! I just have to get access to DH's computer to download pics and he's been a bit coldy so I've been staying away from him. We'll see how he is doing tomorrow.



  1. Lovely pictures and words Lynne :) Hope the weather continues to be so nice. Can't wait to see your Travelled Woman piece :) :)

  2. Glad there's been an improvement. We aren't superwomen no matter how much we think we are or think we should be....sometimes we need help even if it is of the chemical kind.

  3. Glad to hear that there is a bit of improvement and I will agree there is something lovely about a purring cat.

    Cheshire does look mighty pleased.

  4. Glad that things are improving, love the list of small happinesses.

    That is one SMUG cat lol :-)

  5. A warm fuzzy hug is on its way to you --- should arrive in a week or so. Let me know :-)


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