G'day all!

Hooray, the Ravelympics are over! I no longer have a deadline for my knitting.

What did I accomplish out of the five things I wanted to?

Well I failed on the spinning - I have only spun maybe a third of a bobbin of the blue fluff that I had lined up (though I did spin 500m from 100g of a wool/soy blend I had).

But I think I won on the rest of my projects:

Husbandly socks! Finished these an hour before the Ravelympics closed. Very simple pattern, well once the template stuff is created. Details on Ravelry.

Blood Orange. Still a wee tiny little thing, not sure what use it will be to anyone! But it is very lurid and very soft and I am sure I can find a home for it amongst my rellos and friends who are helping out with the chemo thing.


Colour is still a bit off - it is a bit more orange than this - but good enough to get the idea.

Aeolian (rav link), well you've seen that one before but it seems to be a hit :-)

The ugliest sock in the world! LOL. I have to find the template for this one again. I am not sure that I will continue to make socks using this template as it stands - after all it means four more ends to weave in. Only four, admittedly but when I can make a pair of socks with only two ends to weave in.... The more ends, the more likelihood of disaster. But the fit of the sock is very good and I am guessing that even the ugly shorty sock that I made will stay up over my heel. Most commercial shorty socks disappear back down into my shoe, most uncomfortable too!

Four out of five ain't too bad - it turns out it was a stretch target after all :-)

Hmm, now I guess I have to get into this:


Our stuff arrived! Actually, DH has been ploughing through it like a trooper - a good third of it is already dealt with. I have no idea where some of it is going to go. We now have about 3,000 mugs cos I refused to leave some of the ones we bought in the US behind, and refused to leave some of the Australian ones behind, and then we found a bag of mugs in the garage, etc etc. Then there is all the linen - no wonder we've been sleeping on an old ripped sheet - it was all in the US! And you should see the mountains of yarn and material! Yikes! Just as well the stairs are nearly done so stuff can live in the attic. 8-)



  1. You have done so well with your Ravelympics. The Blood Orange is quite small isn't it. Still looks good though. Oh I agree, the fewer ends in a sock the better. I also think the fewer ends in Everything the better. I should have rethought the stripes in my Tempest. Balls of sock wool are so long I could have had so few ends...
    Good luck with the unpacking. So many mugs!!!!

  2. Wow, the Blood Orange certainly is bright! It's more of neckwarmer than a shawl - very cute.

    And those boxes... I must admit, as someone who suspects she is cursed with only being able to live somewhere for a max of five years, that pic made me shudder at remembered house moves.

  3. The Olympics projects look great. Interesting how small the Citrus/Blood Orange turns out. I'm thinking of using some sock-weight yarn for it, but won't expect it to be huuuge :-)

    That's one mighty stack of boxes, glad to hear DH is so busy sorting everything out!

  4. You've done so well.


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