A lovely pick me up

G'day all!

I've been participating in various of the Old Red Barn Co quiltalongs.

A while ago, they started putting together squares to make some quilts to raise funds for breast cancer research and awareness.

Well, there were a few quilts made. Quite a few. And last week, I got a box of cereal from Canada:


(Very glad that quarantine let the box in - they can get funny about ex-food boxes).

Odd, very odd I thought - who is sending me cereal from Canada? All duct-taped up?

So I opened the box and out slid:


That's awfully chewy cereal - lots of fibre in that lot! Or maybe, just maybe, it is a quilt!


Isn't it lovely? Lots of people put a lot of effort into making these squares and then Marianne from the quiltalong put it all together to create a quilt (and that is the hardest part of making a quilt as far as I am concerned!).

There were some extra bits and bobs, like a pillow case, two little lavender sachets, a hand-made card and some extra material (which I forgot to take a pic of, sorry!)



Love the little detail on the pillowcase - my Singer can do stuff like that but I don't think my Janome can. (We are trying to find out if the Singer can be swapped to 240V or if we have to run it off a transformer. It can do some niftier stuff than the Janome.)

See the backing of the quilt? Very bright and chirpy - just what I need :-)

I love the quilting too - lots of swirly circles and if anyone tells you that is a love heart, I will tell you it is the tip of a devil's tail!

So the quilt arrived at a very good time last week - it was cold and miserable and I put it on my lap and was warm and had warm fuzzies inside. This week I need some warm fuzzies but it is Too Warm to put the quilt on my lap, so I just admire it instead.

To everyone (non-inclusive list) who worked on this quilt or any of the others, heart-felt thanks. It is so very nice to think that people will do such things for people they don't know and have never met. I really appreciate all your hard work.

I will pay it forward by knitting some chemo caps, some nice ones, some hairy ones, ones for boofheads like mine (I couldn't get the ones on in the chemo unit - they were all too small or too tightly cast off!).



  1. How wonderful, I hope it is really really cold soon, so you can have warm fuzzy quilt time!!

  2. ooh - what a beautiful surprise!

  3. Gorgeous. Sure to come in handy in the coming Winter weather...not that you can tell right now!!

  4. How lovely, whatever way you look at it. Lots of warm fuzzies for you.

  5. What a lovely quilt. Hope you are doing ok.


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