Hooray! Survived 3rd round

G'day all!

I am still here! Still alive! I feel better immediately after this chemo than I did after the last one but my knees are sore! Like tired sore. No, don't walk on us, we're tired! I don't think I'd be running a marathon with ooh tired erupting from my knees regularly but I wouldn't be even if I was "normal." Still we went out to Urban Burger for tea and I had a yummy burger and some chips.

Now we see how I go this time around. I've got the burpy feeling again but nothing really bad so far (and have one more pill in reserve if it gets bad, and have heatburn (anti proton pump) medication if I need that). I don't want to start on the heartburn stuff unless I really need it cos I will have to keep taking it once I start. It isn't like gaviscon or anything that just puts a soothing layer on top, it turns off the acid secretion in your stomach. I sorta wonder how you can digest food and reduce bacterial infection if you don't have the protein digester working well to chew up both bugs and protein. Given my immune function is already suppressed.... but then that means my immune system can't repair the damage caused by indigestion quickly either. Oh decisions decisions!

Plus whilst I am happy to attempt better living by chemistry, there are some limits and I don't want to take something I don't need to. So I have the things and if I need them, I'll take them. It's only one more pill per day.


The other day, I decided to follow my ironing outdoors with a bit of sewing outdoors. It was very pleasant, except when the wind blew my squares away before I had sewn them together. You would think that I really enjoy sewing these half square triangles, except I don't. It gets a bit dull after you've chain pieced the 50th one....


I had some company - Nutmeg had a good chat to me. She is a very chatty cat when she's in the mood. She'll tell you all about her day and what she found and wow-we-ow-mwow! If only I understood her language. Sometimes I'll ask her a question and she'll say we-ow back to me as if both parties have a clue as to what the other said. I look like a chimpanzee talking back to her.

Oh and the other exciting news of the day? I had a shower! Yep a shower. You might think that a shower is very normal but I cannot get the PICC line wet - it is a hole that leads directly into my bloodstream = can be very nasty infection very quickly. It is *now* covered with a couple of waterproof dressings but I've noticed water is very good at getting places you don't want it to go, so I have a garbage bag with pull ties that I can tie over the arm and then I have to hold my arm up for a whole shower (good incentive for quick showers) and if I drop the soap? Well that is what the body wash is for... So long showers are even more a luxurious memory.



  1. Glad you are feeling OK. What a nice situation outside for sewing and chatting with your cat!!! I enjoyed your shower description!!!

  2. I love that photo of you sewing in the garden with Nutmeg. Yay for showers however short but that is progress.


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