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G'day all!

I've been working on and off on my pinwheel quilt. I have to work on it outside as there are no benches or tables I can use inside at this stage - DH is still building storage space in one room which means the lounge and to-be-craft room are full of stuff. We have stuff everywhere.

So when I can, when the weather is kind and the wind is not blowing away my half square triangles, I quilt outside. There's a table out there and extension leads for power and plenty of space.

(Thank heavens for knitting and spinning being a little less fussy about space!)

I'm fascinated by what I am seeing in the pinwheels. I expected to see interesting contrasts showing up between the squares depending on whether I used a cream, green or olive background but take a look at the lot I quickly put together the other day.


See how different the olive paired pinwheels look to the cream ones? And how the cream paired with the green pretty much disappear? The green dominates, being a bright, solid colour. They looked good together before I sewed the HSTs together, now I am not so sure. The different effects depending on the contrast material is fascinating. The cream pinwheels dance to the left, the olive to the right. Intellectually I knew some would look better than others but seeing in it practice is really interesting.

I squared up all the completed blocks on Saturday. I've probably sewn about half of the pinwheel blocks so far. Now I just have to wait for good weather to sew up the rest of the blocks. Then I can square them and sew them together and start work on the backing. Wednesday looks like my best bet - no rain and relatively light winds (15-20km/h) forecast. I'd really like to get this thing done but there's just no space to sew inside at present.

Last week was not a good week for uploading photos, nor was it a good week for blogging cos I don't like whining (believe it or not!) and then I was playing catch up to make up for the inertia earlier in the week. DH had a bit of a cold and his computer is the one with the big hard disk. How does this relate to not uploading pics? Well I have to use his computer to download pics from the camera and given he'd been spluttering and sneezing all over it, I was not touching it! I have to stay away from peoples with colds and flus and bugs due to the chemo (and very annoying it is too!). I slept on the couch for five nights. And yes, I fit nicely on the couch and it is quite comfortable and it also stopped some of the arguments between the cats cos both of them had a bed with a human to sleep with.

I have a lot of catching up and thank yous to do. I've received some parcels :-)



  1. The four examples do look very different, it's funny how the eyes see the colours and shapes.
    Oh no, you stay well away from those germs.

  2. Those pinwheels look great :)


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