Pinwheel quiltalong

G'day all!

Yesterday I started on a new project.

We are doing a pinwheel quiltalong on the OldRedBarnCo quiltalong group on Flickr.

A little while ago, I ordered something called a "layer cake" online. I had been eyeballing the material for a while and decided that I wanted that material. A layer cake seemed a bit more affordable than a full set of fat quarters. So the layer cake arrived about a week ago, and I discovered what they really are. Reading about something is good but having it in your hand is better!

Layer cakes are a quilting fabric term used to describe 10" squares cut from a fabric range. You get a 10" square of every print in the range, and some of them you'll get two of (usually the contrast fabrics rather than the ones with the fancy pants prints on them).

So my layer cake of Eden arrived and I immediately decided that it had to become a pinwheel quilt.

On Saturday DH and I went to scroatfight to get some contrast material. My options were fairly limited, along with my budget. I chose a lurid magenta/pink, cream, leaf green and olive.


As it turns out, the pink is Too Pink for the room. The bedroom is lime green, remember, and the pink is just too gaudy.

So I am down to three contrast colours. I have more than one contrast because I need to make more pinwheels than I have fancy pants material for, especially if I do not include the very pink materials in the quilt top (but I will use them for the quilt back most likely - two colours for the price of one!). I spent a bit of time folding material into triangles to see what works best in the way of contrast materials and came up with this sort of arrangment:



(note the olive is much darker than in reality - couldn't adjust the colours to the right sort of contrast)

After working out what colours go with what, I then took everything outside and ironed it.


It was a lovely day - about 25C/77F - with a little breeze blowing the stench of the 3 cubic metres of cow and chook poo away from me. Just be glad you don't have smellovision!

Now for the cutting! Wish me more luck that DH is having - I keep hearing exclamations of dismay (I'm being polite here 8-) from upstairs.



  1. Measure twice and cut once, though even then I make mistakes!! Love the colours and when I clicked through I knew I already knew what a pinwheel was. Very ice outdoor ironing too!!!!

  2. Gorgeous Fabric!! Should be wonderful when you put it together!!

  3. hi lynne ...i havent visited your blog for ages .
    firstly im going to wish you absolute best of luck ..
    your older posts have been riveting to read.
    secondly ..your aelion has inspired me ..i have some laceweight in the same type of colour graduation ...

  4. Those are such beautiful colours. I'm glad I'm not the only one who irons in the garden!!


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