Thankfulness in progress

G'day all!

During the Ravelympics, instead of doing the spinning I said I would, I decided to spin up some of the (dwindling) lump of Andyle moorit (merino? yes merino) and ?tussah silk? that I had in my stash here. I needed to get a wriggle on with a present for a friend.

I ended up with 500m from 100g. Not my finest spinning but reasonable. It was fairly hard to draft because the two different fibres work very differently.

After all that work, I had a ball of yarn that looked very much like this:


Mainly because it is the same yarn, just a little depleted cos


I've knitted that much from it since Thursday? Friday? (The colour is off in that shot - it is actually the warmer colour in the skein pic)

At first this shawl flew off the needles, in a good way, not the omg, dropped another bunch o stitches way. But then as the pattern was established and it stayed the same, I started to get bored. I was so glad to finish chart A and move on to chart B, but then discovered that the charts really are fairly similar all the way through to the start of chart F. (Note that I missed chart D because it is for a shawlette.) Bored bored bored! But it is easy enough to knit. Doesn't require much in the way of a brain challenge.

Finally I got to the exciting part - the little leafy motifs that form the edging.


Now, don't get me wrong, this is a lovely pattern and creates a very pretty shawl, I'm just a bit over the things that attracted me to the pattern in the first place! I may not make another Bitterroot but I'll be happy to knit others of Romi's designs.

And as for the name change of the shawl I'm making? Here in Oz, root is another word for sex. I thought about calling it Sweetroot but umm that didn't do it for me either, so to speak. So thankfulness it is, because I am thankful for having someone put us up (and put up with us) for that long!



  1. Yes, unfortunate connotations there. I must confess I have a Grade 5 giggle when I hear Americans use the word.
    Boring but nice I think, especially with the addition of beads.

  2. LOL I had a giggle at the root thing :-)

    Parcel incoming BTW!!


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