At last an FO!

G'day all!

It feels like forever since I've had an FO to show off. It isn't that long but well I've been slack at getting photos and then downloading them and editing them and uploading them...

Anyway, I give you my version of Bitterroot, the version I've called Thankfulness. Details on Ravelry.

(I hope you like the sheets - vintage 80s sheets that my Mum bought when they were fashionable.)


I'm pretty thankful for it being finished! When things get to around 300 stitches or more across, I start getting a bit bored with them, especially if there are beads involved. Half an hour to an hour per row is very tedious, placing beads. And it is more tedious when you can't find the second packet of beads and go out to buy more but the place that stocks them isn't at present because head office is slack and won't order more until there's practically no stock left of any colour bead at all.


But it looks lovely and that is what really counts.


I spun the yarn during the Ravelympics instead of doing the project I meant to then. It's a moorit merino and ?tussah silk? blend (it certainly whiffed during blocking!)


You'll note that this is not in "my" colours - any regular reader will know that I am not a beige person. I haven't even modelled it. (Ooops, as it turns out I haven't woven the ends in either! My bad!) But it is in the colours of our friend who gave, yes GAVE, us a place to stay when we got back from the States.


This is my revenge. This and a small bundle of Very Hungry Caterpillar material.

I hope she likes it and even better uses it :-)



  1. It's gorgeous! You know, I was thinking to myself that it was awfully sedate for you. Aha! She will adore it, how could she not?

  2. FYI Tussah or Peace silk is silk that has been spun from the cocoons of silk worms that have been allowed to depart their homes prior to its collection. "Normal" silk is collected by killing the silk worms prior to their emerging from the cocoon so that they don't break the strands leaving it harder to spin. Tussah silk can therefore feel rougher as there are more "ends" compared to "normal" silk.

  3. Beautiful shawl by the way. Nice work!!

  4. It is beautiful and I love the photos of the gorgeous pattern, stretching into the distance. It will be a very wonderful gift!!

  5. looks terrific! it may not be your color but that natural silk tone with those beads is lovely.. what a great thing to give a good friend.

  6. It's gorgeous :) Like you!


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