We have a winnah!

G'day all!

Thanks for all your entries into my different socks contest! I am working my way around your blogs, if you have one...

So what are the differences between the socks?

Let's start at the toes, since I knitted them toe up.

The tip of one sock is stocking stitch (stockinette) and then becomes garter stitch (someone is lazy! :-D). The other toe is reverse stocking stitch (someone forgot to read the pattern and didn't want to cast on again). Lots of people noticed this one. Because garter stitch pulls in more than stocking stitch, one toe looks shorter than the other. Paper Tiger noted this (no link to a website for Paper Tiger though).

I didn't read the pattern again so one sock has six repeats of the twisted stitch/cable (correct!) and the other has five repeats (wrong!). Some of you with good eyes noticed this!

The little gusset I like to put into all my short row heels has five increase rounds on one sock and only three on the other (oops!).

The heel of one sock is garter, the other is "normal" (but wrong according to the pattern!). Lots of you saw this :-)

The set up for the twists up the leg is different (ie someone didn't read the pattern and setting up only five cables up the foot meant the cables above the heel were inelegant), plus I ribbed a bit longer before starting the twists (more good eyes spotted this!).

The number of cables up the leg is different. Yep, one more. I only realised this when I tried the socks on and one was noticeably harder to get on. LOL

Am I going to rip the socks out and redo them? Do fish ride bicycles? Heck no! They can stay imperfect. I'll keep wearing them quite happily :-) As long as I can get the image of this out of my mind...

So who is the winner?

Kelly of Celtic Cast On! Yes, Kelly like a few of my North American adopted brethren still seems to be caught in snowland, though surely spring can't be far off?

BTW, in reference to the subject line? Aussies do not say the rotic "R" - we do not say summerr, we say summah (long a sound). It is a bit hard to describe without hearing it (and without phonetic type but then again i don't understand phonetic type anyway). As for things like water, well that gets exciting. When I ask for some wardah (no r actually sounded), or if I am being more precise, wartaa, some Americans get confused. I get confused too cos some Americans say water in such a way that it sounds like some weird exotic fruit or something. LOL This website is fabulous and if you like hearing different people say the same stuff in their own accent, you'll spend many happy hours there.

Since it is not raining today and indeed is very sunny and lovely, I can get some pics of some new FOs! Back...



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