G'day all!

Thanks for the entries so far in my contest. I am seeing certain themes. Remember you can click on the pics for bigger ones!

On and off I've been spinning up a storm. I haven't spun anything this week due to my New Obsession. My bad! Worse, my New Obsession doesn't have pics cos horrors of horrors, it is actually RAINING in San Jose! (That pic is from the Lick Observatory, not quite in SJ but close enough!) But don't I live in California now? It doesn't rain in Ca, or so I am told. People apologise if the day is cloudy. People here are very odd. What are a few clouds between friends? (Apparently it can rain all the way through the year if these records are correct, though the ones for this year are certainly incorrect cos I am sure we had about 3" of rain in both Jan and Feb and a little this month...)

So I've been spinning. I've spun up about 350m of this yummy

CVM fleece to make into a special thing for someone I know. I take locks and flick them out then do a weird cross between long and short draw. I've been spinning it so that the white moves into the silver thence to grey and charcoal then navajo plying it to keep the "colour" runs.

It is knitting up like clouds (I didn't always take the puffs in the order I should've). I think it looks fab. Again, no pics cos it is a secret project.

Plus I grabbed some of the Lisa Souza tops I bought at Stitches West and spun that up.

I call this Sunny Seas because it looks like a very cheerful tropical ocean.

One thing I've noticed with handspun yarn is that it doesn't have to be perfectly consistent - it doesn't have to look like machine spun yarn for it to knit up very acceptably. That is a good thing because I am too lazy to spin up yarn that is perfect. I do try to keep it within a reasonable limit mind you. I tend to spin yarn to a DK weight (in Oz we call it 8 ply) but it varies between sportweight (5 ply) to worsted (almost aran/10ply). It sometimes has little puffs in it from fluffy fleece tips or the odd nep that gets away from me. When I can be bothered, I spin laceweight or sockweight but that requires a little more brain input to ensure I spin the lighter weight.

In other news, did anyone see this post from Sheri at the Loopy Ewe? OMG, the sock yarn stash is gobsmacking! Scary even! Can anyone top that? Tell me how many skeins of sock yarn are in your stash! I shall do an expose of my USA stash soonish (I have even more sock yarn in storage in Oz - there was only so much I could bring with me!).

Plus I love this post from Domesticraft.

I am putting together a bike challenge. Twil be interesting to see if anyone takes up the challenge and what effects it has on them...



  1. Your right this does look like a cloud! I love it. I'm sure whatever your going to turn it into will be lovely. The Blue is very nice too. Its like a lovely clear clean ocean...I'm thinking a beach would be a nice place to be!

  2. So pretty! I can see it as a gilet.

  3. OOh I love that sea wool!!!!

  4. The Lisa Souza yarn is gorgeous. I love anything in sea colors!

  5. I have to learn to let go and not try to spin a perfectly consistent yarn myself: it takes me way too long to go through a tiny little bit of fiber that way, which means that I don't get as much practice as I should. I think tha your lovely yarns will push me a little in that direction. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Oh it rains in California- not so much in So. Cal- but No. Cal? definitely. Not as much as here though!!!! Right now it is POURING! I think I could put a bucket out and have it filled in 5 minutes! yikes.

  7. Fluffy rain clouds! I love the look of it, nice!!


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