G'day all!

Half of the country is still under snow and us? We are battling FLEAS and MOSQUITOES.

Yep, had to yell that cos last night was one of the most miserable of my life. Something bit me on the foot, y'see, and it was itchy and I could not sleep. Then another bit started itching and well it was all downhill from there. I ended up taking an antihistamine but I lost about three hours sleep simply cos something was enjoying my blood or I had some weird food allergy that meant my foot itched miserably. I favour the first explanation since the lumps looked like mossie bites. Then when I did crawl back into bed, it was getting light and I was very cold and ended up overheating after heaping my new quilt over me (my Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt :-).

And we have fleas. Yep. Fleas. Mongrel things. Not many fleas but enough to make me itch like crazy. My skin has gone hypersensitive so anything that pierces it or simply rubs/bumps it makes an itchy patch. I have flea bites on my ankles and feet - they go funny when they involute (start healing). I think the water here is aggravating the problem - it is hard water and smells not very nice. Everyone mentions the traffic and the hurry buzz of Silly Valley but noone mentions the crap water. My scalp feels constantly sunburnt and so does some of my skin. Dunno how to avoid that unless I take bucket baths with filtered and softened water.

I have to get boric acid and salt for the carpets to treat them for fleas. Tomorrow or Wednesday I will buy a Dyson with the 20% off coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond and drag the vacuum cleaner home in my bike trailer. Should be interesting cos I think the box will be a bit long. Plus it weighs a bit. But it can vacuum up the borax and salt.

And soon internet at home! hooray!

Plus I have an FO to show off but I need photos of it on me and that means bailing DH up to get some. Oh and another FO that I finished 10 days ago but again it needs modelled pics.

So after the picture fest of recent times, you suddenly get none! But if I get photos I can show off the stash from our travels through Canada, so you will get more yarn pr0n, and I still have plenty of pics from Canada to put on Victorian, On the Move.



  1. Ouchie - fleas and mozzies are orrible.

  2. Dear O dear!!!I feel for you!!!! We had a run with the spanish fleas the Wildlife people let go while we were on Karwarn Stn right next to the Yathong National Park,literally waves of them swept through my Kitchen but hardly a bite,bunnies for them,thats just before the calyci? virus starting coming through,it worked a treat....

  3. Oh no, that's very boogelly. Hope you can get de-plagued soon!!!

  4. Too nasty. I hope you're able to get relief soon.

    Our new house has an ant invasion. I really hope the winter has killed them off.


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