So much for that great idea!

G'day all!

I am back in the business centre of our apartment complex. Yep, still having to access the net here - our router hasn't arrived and we have no idea if the phone line is on yet, so no DSL for us yet!

But we do have a shiny new Dyson. Mmmmm! Plus I got 20% off with a Bed Bath and Beyond voucher. Hooray for BBB 20% off things!

I am going to issue a challenge for all of you in the northern hemisphere who have bikes or who used to ride a bike but don't have one at the moment. Stay tuned for details. I reckon you can guess what the challenge will be since summer is y-comin in. Especially when I show you pics of my recent cycling exploits.

Hopefully tomorrow we will be online, only a day late but I'd better not hold my breath and nor should you. There will be knitting related stuff soon too.



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