Hoo-ston, we have lift-off!

G'day all!

Hopefully we are back online! We have a router that appears to work after significant wrangling (to activate the account you need a windoze box to run IE cos the webpage used to activate the account needs IE cos it uses crippled javascript links and my box has windoze on it but it is Too Old and does not have the Right Network Driver on it and then one of Nathan's friends pointed us to an IE emulator for Linux and it worked!). I am lying on our bed with the laptop on the floor next to the router - how decadent!

Man, I've missed you guys!

Fingers crossed, hope it keeps working 8-)



  1. Welcome back!

    I'm still reeling over all that fibrey eye-candy. One day I'm going to have to go to one of these big US yarn-fests.

  2. I hope your computer is fixed now...a lot of that going on here too. Can't wait to hear about your cycling!

  3. Woohoo for an internet connection!

    Hope those icky fleas are gone now :-o I thought this apt complex did spraying regularly to deal with just those kinds of problems? At least you have a lovely bargainous Dyson to vac up after the treatment :-) Oh no I'm itching now LOL.

    Loved all the yarn pr0n pics from earlier posts too. Stitches looks like a fab show. Hoping to get to my first Woolfest this year!

  4. Well, YEAH, you're back! So glad you got it sorted out...


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