Train itinerary, I hope

G'day again all!

Here is our itinerary:

Saturday 17 November: Denver to Chicago, arrive Sunday arvo.
Sunday 18 November: Chicago
Monday 19 November: Chicago to Milwaukee
Tuesday 20 November: Milwaukee to Minneapolis
Wednesday 21 November: Friday 23 November: New Ulm
Saturday 24 November: Minneapolis - Chicago - Washington
Sunday 25 November: Washington, arvo
Monday 26 November: Washington - Philadelphia
Wednesday 28 November: Philadelphia - Chicago
Thursday 29 November: Chicago - Denver
30 November - home! But only for 5 days as we leave for Calgary on 5th December.

If you live around those areas or know of something good to do *and* we have not already arranged to meet up with you, let us know!



  1. Sounds like quite a trip!

  2. I mentioned your plight to a good friend of mine and he may have found a place near chicago for you to overnight. Call me.

  3. Have you thought about getting in on Franklin's 1,000 Knitters projectwhile you're in Chicago?

    Also, Chicago is the home of Lorna's Laces, or didn't you need any more enabling? ;D

  4. Wow! That sounds like quite a trip.

    Calgary is a hopping place in a Canadian sort of way. I suggest Make One Yarn Studios while you are there though.


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