Calling those in USA

G'day all!

This is a particular message for those of you in the USA. Sorry to those who read this post without knowing it doesn't have much for you, unless you want us to pester someone as our train rumbles by.

If we can wrangle our finances into some sort of order, we may end up doing a Grand Tour (thanks to cheap Amtrak passes) of the USA this month and early next month.

So far we've been offered a place to stay near the Twin Cities MN for Thanksgiving, Philadelphia, Phoenix AZ, San Diego CA and a couple of other places that don't seem to have Amtrak anywhere near them.

Anyone else got a spot or want to meet up in between trains somewhere? We are loud and brash Australians :-) On short stays we are relatively neat and try to keep things clean. Admittedly I am a PITA cos I can't eat dairy or gluten or various flavour enhancers and detest HFCS (everything with it in it tastes like tropical bubblegum, not my fave flavour! Plus it is just plain icky ;-). Oh and I am too old to sleep on the floor without a mattress... I ain't 20 any longer. LOL

Email me (email addy should be on the top right corner of the blog) or leave a comment if you are not shy and would like to meet up.

Plus Torontoans, we are still hoping to get there for Christmas now. We still haven't gotten a visa appointment - I missed out on one in Halifax (of all places) by 10 minutes. Dang! We figure if we are already in Canada and can't come back here until Christmas anyway....



  1. I'd love to meet up if you breeze through LA, but unfortunately we don't have space for guests. Our place is a 1-bedroom of about 800 square feet :(

  2. I'm in the Northeast. Are you coming out this far?


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