I'm dreaming of a white thanksgiving....

G'day all!

We are in Minnesota. So far we have seen lots of grey and drab brown, and some really funky old houses. It is SNOWING! It is only 24F outside. Brrrr! It is night time though... but it is SNOWING! And we have all of our luggage now which is sorta nice - some of it decided to stay an extra night in Chicagy.

Did I mention it is SNOWING?

Am I excited?

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! And a happy Thursday to the rest of the world....



  1. Sing,Immmm dreammmmming of a ...whiteee ...Christmasss.....

  2. I'm behind in my posts and am sorry to have missed your birthday, so please let me wish you a belated happy birthday and honorary Thanksgiving. I hope you had a good day yesterday, and are enjoying your trip.

    Keeping good thoughts for you that everything will work out OK and you'll be on the other side of this uncertainty soon.

  3. I love snow! We had a very short fall so I love that it's actually starting to act like winter.


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